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Someone from Houston is Sending Hateful Anti-Gay Letters to People in Michigan

Ferndale police investigate mysterious, threatening parcels criticizing city's LGBTQ Pride flags.


Does anyone know whether Dr. Steven Hotze or Pastor Dave Welch visited Ferndale, Michigan, this summer?

Ferndale authorities are investigating after hateful, threatening anti-LGBTQ letters criticizing the prevalence of Pride flags in the city were sent to residents, business owners, City Hall, and the police and fire departments. The letters were postmarked from North Houston, but contained no return address. They were sent by someone who claims to have visited Ferndale during LGBTQ Pride month, the Detroit Free Press reports.

“This past June my wife and I were given a quick tour of your town while we were visiting Detroit. We noted that many of your businesses had colorful flags displayed in their Front windows, but they were not American flags,” one of the letters began, before two pages of small print quoting Bible verses and condemning LGBTQ people.

“You have rolled out the red…no, rainbow carpet for them. THIS IS MADNESS,” the letter continued. “I have read history’s record regarding a perverted Roman woman who somehow induced a goat to have sexual intercourse with her in public view! Such brazen bestiality is horrible and appalling, and yet I suspect that if such a woman were to perform such an act at 300 E. 9 mile Road, the city fathers would erect a statue in her honor!”

The letters were sent using old stamps, and at least some of them included “a detailed comic with extreme accusations and threats against the LQBTQ community,” according to WJBK-TV.  

“It specifically said that homosexuals are raping adults and children and that we are damned to hell,” said Tyler Barron, who received the comic book. “Their method to solve the issue was to burn us all alive.”

The comic, called “Doom Town,” can be found here.

Ferndale is known for being LGBTQ-inclusive. It is home to the largest LGBTQ community center in Michigan, and it was the first city in the state to elect an openly gay mayor.

Current Mayor Dave Coulter is encouraging those who received the letters to report them and said the city will work with national groups that track hate to investigate further.

“The anonymous coward that sent this hateful mail will only serve to strengthen our resolve to be an inclusive and welcoming city for everyone,” Coulter said.

Watch WJBK’s report below.


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