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One-Man Show to Benefit Tony’s Place and Bering House

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On January 22, psychotherapist Steve Cadwell will bring his nationally acclaimed one-man show, Wild & Precious, to MATCH (3400 Main Street) as a benefit for Tony’s Place—a drop-in center for homeless gay kids—and Trinity Episcopal Church’s restoration of the historic Bering House.

The performance, which includes original songs, photographs, costumes, stories, and poems, focuses on the arc of the last 60 years of Gay Liberation. As a psychotherapist, Cadwell’s been listening to people’s stories for 40 years, to good healing effect. In Wild & Precious, the tables are turned as Cadwell shares his personal story with audiences: a Vermont sissy-boy in the ’50s; deep in the closet in the late ’60s (resulting in a breakdown from the emotional stress); a breakthrough as part of Houston’s gay movement in the ’70s; AIDS activist in the ’80s; and now, a psychotherapist “married to his man.” Steve celebrates the social and psychological resilience that helped him—and his generation—come out of the “straight”-jacket into the fullness of being men. The piece dramatically brings to life universal themes: gender, sexuality, shame, stigma, mental health, social change, resilience, parenting, aging, the therapeutic relationship, HIV, grief, empowerment, diverse family structure, family life-cycle, and the healing power of love.




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