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by Lilly Roddy  |  Illustrations by David Eduardo Flores Perez

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2014 is going to be a fairly tense year. Because of overlapping planetary retrogrades, we have a long period of two steps forward and one step back. Mars and Venus will be retrograde sequentially, causing us to take a deeper inward look and really question who we are. This continues through mid July. (We had a similar experience in 2012 with these same two planets retrograding sequentially.) We will get there, but it will take a lot of extra effort.

Venus, planet of love, beauty, and money, is retrograde as we start the year. This will make it harder to keep those New Year’s resolutions. Venus retrograde allows us to look back at our past finances, our emotional desires, and our relationships so we can get clear about our real motives. Generally, this is a negative time to start a new relationship, have a makeover, or undergo plastic surgery. Venus is retrograde until February 14.

Mars, planet of action and self-defense, is retrograde February 15 through June 18 in Libra, the sign of the Peace Keeper. We may feel that we are not being heard or people aren’t taking our situations seriously. Issues that are buried will come bubbling to the surface so that we can address them. Mars retrograde will also make us more body conscious, especially following the Venus retrograde. Use this to get back to your workout and diet regimens.

As usual, Mercury is retrograde three times this year—always a time to review what we are doing and pay attention to the details we missed the first time. Mercury’s 2014 retrograde dates are January 30–March 7, June 1–July 7, and September 28–October 30.

March, April, and May are tense months. This could be a time when world problems come to a head while Congress remains in a stalemate. People are very fed up with government non-action. We are all going through a time of personal revolution, where we are cleaning out the old and looking for new inspiration to light our paths. We are looking out for number one. The planets most feeling the impact are those in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Don’t be afraid to let go of what keeps you locked in your fears.

1 Aries2014ARIES March 21– April 19

Aries people are really working hard this year to relieve themselves of commitments made over the last few years. You are definitely in a period of downsizing in all areas of your lives.

In your personal lives, you Aries are looking for stimulation, something to shake up this area of your life. Relationships, both romantic and business, that can’t adapt to your rapid growth rate may not make it through 2014. If all is well in your relationship, this can be a time when you are looking to reinvent the relationship to more adequately address who you both are now. You are interested in aspects of yourself that express more of a creative urge rather than so much of a career/security mode. Career activity continues to be in a state of evolution and change. You may feel that work and career conditions are unstable, leading you to consider starting your own business. This could help you feel the freedom of acting on your own ideas and views, letting you gain more control over your life. The first half of 2014 is a good time to plan for career or job changes, but you should wait until mid July before making any definite moves.

Many of you want to move or do some redecorating in the first half of the year. You need more wide open spaces. There could also be growth in your family, such as new babies or grandchildren.

You will continue to work on getting your finances in order this year. You are more focused on this as you continue to look for ways to get rid of stress in your life. You are looking at long-term plans for future retirement.

March, April, and May will be especially tense times for Aries. Many things in your life are coming to a head; you may have to make some decisions that you have been trying to avoid. Don’t rush; you really have until June to make those choices. In mid July, you get a break in the intensity. Take some time to get out of town or do something totally for fun. You revisit some of the intensity in October, but it won’t be as strong. It’s your time of reinvention!

2 Taurus2014TAURUS April 20– May 20

This year, you Taureans continue to review, reform, and possibly renew as you work on making long-term plans for your future.

Many of you are really focused on your career. You are looking to improve your current conditions by taking on more responsibility or finding a boss who really appreciates you for what you do. You are much more conscious about your boundaries, and are limiting your activities to those that improve your career or social access. If you are older, this can be a time when you are considering retirement. This could be a time when you begin a second career, more of your own making!

Relationships are not easy this year. If you are involved, you are looking for new long-term goals/intimacies that renew and bring new energy to your relationship. If things are not working, you are not ready to bring things to an end, but they will if you do not get the improvement you seek. This same energy can also make relationships seem like more work than they are worth. In all cases, it’s about you becoming more clear about your own relationship needs and speaking about them so your partner can really hear you.

Your communication skills are very good this year. You seem to be able to get your point across in a non-argumentative style. Stay true to your own path and what you know works best for you. You’re not there to prove your point but to stand your ground. This is a good time for you to teach or take some classes yourself.

You are expanding your spiritual base. Many of your beliefs are being tested this year, especially during March through May, and you will have to walk your talk. Groups and organizations that once worked for you no longer hold your interest. You are looking to expand your own spiritual consciousness, and you find others who are on a similar path.

After midyear, you may be looking to relocate or do some improvements on your home. You will be drawn to more connections with your family, even if the past wasn’t so great. After mid August, you are more ready to make the decisions that you have pondered in the first half of the year. You will move forward with much more confidence after that.

3 Gemini2014GEMINI  May 21– June 21

Geminis are looking for more fulfillment in their careers and work. You have difficulty dealing with routines that you have created.

Many of you are less social than usual. You are not willing to just get along and keep your thoughts to yourself, causing you to isolate yourself. Despite the fact that Geminis are an air sign, you need to “feel” connected to your career. If you feel like you don’t fit, you question why you are there. This is strongest for those of you born in the early part of the sign.

At work, you put up new boundaries. You are not willing to just be the patch-and-repair person. There could be shifts in team leaders, office relocation, and new technology for you to learn. You are missing the commitment that you usually bring to your job, and your tolerance with work is low.

Finances may be bringing you down, but you are continuing to work on getting that part of your life in order. Most of this is from your past, and you are just tired of it dogging you. This could become a crisis during March through May if you are not already addressing it. If you are, then this period boosts your focus to get rid of debt and financial problems. These problems have kept you at work in a “safe mode” and somewhat trapped. You will definitely find relief after July.

Your relationships improve after mid year. You have addressed your problems and you are feeling more confident. Some of you are looking to upgrade your current relationship status as you get closer to year’s end. This will also help your focus on work and career. You will feel the urge to get on with it.

You are looking for new social outlets. You are not as connected to friends as you have been in the past, and you are looking for more mentally stimulating relationships. Old friends may move out of your life.

Mercury retrograde in June and July is very important to you. It is a very introspective time—a good time to get away and take time to think about where you are in your life.

Get things organized; you will be much busier in the latter half of the year.

4 Cancer2014CANCER June 22– July 22

This is another crazy year for you Moon Kids. The planets are activating the “big four” in your zodiac: self, home, relationships, and career.

In your relationship sector, you are looking to get closer to your partner and strip away the barriers that you construct to keep yourself safe but unsatisfied. This is “fix it or else” time. If you are involved in a perfect relationship, you are still doing some overhauling. If you are single, you are working at cleaning out old relationship patterns. This is a good time to go into therapy and get to the bottom of self-sabotaging behavior. Broken relationships may end rather than get fixed.

You are more open and ready for more social activity. This is a good time to explore new community organizations, where you can find new friends and rejuvenate this part of your life.

In your career, you are ready to take what you do to the next level. You may experience boredom with routine duties. If you are happy with where you work, this is a time for finding a new project to ignite your passion. There are plenty of opportunities out there. If you want to do something new on your own or with a partner, wait until after mid July. You will then be clear about what you are trying to accomplish.

Cancer rules the family in astrology, so when Cancers aren’t happy with their home and family, they can be really crabby. Old family issues are coming to the surface this year, especially in the first half of the year. Problems that have not been addressed will show up from March through May. Personally, you are ready to meet, really talk, and find some common ground. But this is your last try—if you don’t find what you are looking for, you could be cutting the cord permanently. If you have older family members who are not in good health, this could be the time of their passing. It is a big housecleaning time, internally and externally. You revisit this issue in October before you finally let it go.

This is your year to step out of that old crab shell and find some new outfits for this period of renewal!

5 Leo2014LEO July 23– August 22

This year of hard work is all about cleaning up your past, evaluating the things you have, and deciding what you are going to keep. This is also a big family year, where you are deciding if you are going to continue hanging out with the people you were raised with.

In the career sector, Leos are really looking at long-term goals. You want to get ahead this year, and you are looking at what works best. Leos have to be very sure before they commit, because when they do, they are not going to give up easily. If you are older, this may be a time of retirement or the beginning of a new career.

You are more socially active this year. You look for new friends with common interests. You are not as willing to be the supportive friend. You want to have friends who take care of their own needs whom you can treat as equals.

Your family life is in flux, with a sense that they are getting older. The kids carry out the traditions, and mom only makes the pie, not the whole meal. On some level, this is a cord-cutting time. As family ages, your relationship with them changes, and you are looking for direction and new reasons to connect. This can also show up as moving, house repairs, or just downsizing so that you don’t have as much to care for. Your time is more valuable to you, and you are not as willing to waste it. If you are younger, you are putting down roots, focusing on building your family, and creating your own family traditions.

Your social activity level picks up after July. Relationships and relationship opportunities improve. This can be used to promote yourself or your business and to meet new people for friendships or potential long-term relationships. This really gives a boost to an existing relationship, and you will not feel as “heavy” as you have over the last couple of years.

The last half of the year is great for travel, taking classes, writing a book, or just enjoying yourself with friends. All that hard work in the first half of the year pays off in the second!

6 Virgo2014VIRGO August 23– September 22

You are getting organized this year. You feel more creative, and try to find a way to integrate that into your schedule.

You are not happy with how restricted you feel by your financial situation. You are working hard to get that part of your life in order. You try to make changes in your work so that you are more inspired by what you do. You should step out of your routines and put some fun back into what you are doing.

You are in a time of spiritual pilgrimage. You are naturally questioning who you are, why you are here, and what it all means. It is normal during this time to seek out different spiritual outlets and religions. At work, you are looking for a sense of internal fulfillment rather than just being good at your work. This broadens your perspective and increases your desire to search, but it doesn’t help decide anything. You will want to have more time to yourself and actually put yourself first (gasp!!). This has a strong impact on those of you born in the first 10 days of the sign or who have planets at those degrees.

Relationships are part of this big mystery. Older traditions call this “mystical marriage.” You are trying to have a better relationship with yourself. You will find that you stand up for yourself more and get away from people who treat you poorly. You will be clear about what you don’t want in relationships, but you won’t be clear on what you do want. Even in good relationships, this is a time when partners need more time to themselves.

Creatively, this is a good time to write, put your ideas into action, or teach or take classes to improve what you do. For many of you, your social circle is expanding, but you are still reticent about being around too many people. This could be a good time to get back into some group or community work. You always feel better when you have a goal attached to your fun.

You will have more courage to face the insecurities that held you back last year. You will feel freer by the end of this year.

7 Libra2014LIBRA September 23– October 23

This is a year of fireworks for you. Mars, the initiator, the planet of selfness, anger, and self-protection, spends the first eight months of the year in your sign. Normally, Mars spends 45 days in Libra; but with Mars retrograding there, this puts you first on all of your lists.

This is a challenging time for relationships. Normally, you are the one looking for common ground to maintain relationships, but with this Mars aspect, your authentic feelings come to the surface quicker. If you are in a relationship, you can use this energy to have a second honeymoon or go on an adventure together. If you are single, you are more likely to be on the prowl. You should avoid meeting potential new partners between February 15 and June 18. Rekindling relationships with people from your past does well with Mars retrograde.

Your career continues to do well, with plenty of work. This is a good time to consider expanding your area of responsibility, but don’t act on that until after mid July. You feel self-confident, and you could take on a much bigger project than you are used to. After July, you are more attracted to business groups and organizations. You are in a period of self-promotion, which could expand your business horizons.

At home, you are ready for some cleaning out. You are cutting the cord with your past—cleaning out the garage and the store rooms. This sometimes means that you downsize your home and surroundings so you have less to deal with. It’s like consolidating your power. There can be shifts in the family hierarchy during this year as family members age. Don’t take on any responsibility unless you are clear that you want it.

Finances continue to be tight, but that improves moving into August. It may be December before you can really feel relief, but it is coming.

During March through May, and in October, the planets really pound you. You feel especially stressed April 15–28. Find places to escape for relief. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, or just a walk in the park do wonders. You get rid of the parts of your life that you have outgrown. This is a great time for therapy. You aren’t supposed to do things on your own. Ask for help.

8 Scorpio2014SCORPIO October 24– November 21

This year you are working on long-term plans to increase your sense of emotional and financial security.

If you are just beginning your career, you make positive and careful choices. You are ready to take on more of a leadership role, and you might get a promotion. The doors to this area of your life really open up after mid July.

You are clearly working on your boundaries and making sure that you spend your time, love, money, and talent in areas that benefit you. You take extra time with your decisions; you don’t want to make any errors.

You are also expecting everyone to grow up and act like an adult. You are not tolerant of people who won’t act in their own behalf. In friendships, you don’t want to always have to be the adult. You want to have more fun and be supported as well.

In your relationship, you are looking for new goals so that you and your partner feel that you are pulling in the same direction. This can coincide with a time when you have fulfilled lots of your relationship expectations and are faced with the question, “What do we do now?” Take time to explore that with your partner.

You want to take your relationship to the next level. This can be marriage or moving-in time for those of you who are looking for something more long term. You will feel better about making any kind of commitment after July.
In your work environment, there are likely to be physical changes. You may be getting a new computer system, or they could relocate your work space. A part of you is looking for something new to do so you aren’t so bored. This a great year to add an exercise routine to your life. Not only will you get in shape, but this can be a great place for you to meet new people.

With all this serious talk, you should also know that you are in a very creative time, and you find solutions to life problems more easily. Find ways to have more fun and step away from your somber tone.

You will certainly lighten up after August, when life gets more fun.

9 Sagitarius2014SAGITTARIUS November 22– December 21

January’s Mercury retrograde has you very focused on your privacy and your work. You will be extra sensitive to others during this time. Screen your calls so you are not drawn into unnecessary drama. It may be hard to get started with your New Year’s resolutions. You simply need more time to yourself. You recover nicely in February and are ready for the rest of the year!

Normally, you are more carefree and lighthearted. You are rethinking your plans and considering cutting back and taking a break in the action. It’s not that you are so serious, but you really don’t want to waste your time and energy on psychic vampires.

You may feel very isolated or detached from your family unit. You just don’t want to always be the person who is the cheerleader for everyone else. You probably want to spend more time alone or with select people, this year.

Your career is fine, but you are not as committed as you once were. This is a time when you seek more fulfillment from your work than a paycheck or a pat on the back. You have low tolerance for drama at work. This has a strong impact on those of you born in the first 10 days of the sign, or those with planets in those degrees. You get more of a handle on your career direction after August, when you will be more motivated than you have been. This gets stronger as you get to the end of 2014.

Relationships are okay this year. If you are involved, you are happy with your routines and glad to have time to yourself. If you are single, you are probably fairly happy this year. You are more open to new people or renewing relationships after August. Next year, you are going to put more energy into your relationship and look for real commitment.

You take a detailed look at your financial picture this year and try to make the most of what you have. You may be asking for a raise or charging more for your services. You are definitely valuing that part of yourself more. If you have debt or financial problems, there is strong motivation to face the problem and work hard to resolve it. Finances will feel much freer by the end of the year.

10 Capricorn2014CAPRICORN December 22– January 19

Just as for the other cardinal signs, 2014 is especially busy, particularly the first half of the year.

The focus is on your career and the public sector of your horoscope. You are looking for a new challenge to capture your interest at work. If you are unhappy with your current position or your boss, this will really show. You could find yourself challenging your superiors or the decisions they make, or you could just be fed up with the mounting pile of crap you deal with each day. This tension will reach its peak from March through May.

If you are unhappy at work, channel this energy elsewhere so that you don’t shoot yourself in the foot before mid July when the time is ripe to make a change. You want to be in a leadership role, and if you can’t get that where you are, you’ll look for something else after mid year, or maybe even start your own business. Use the first half of the year to develop a plan of action so that you can make the best use of this energy in the latter half.

You continue to be in clean-out mode, getting rid of things, people, and old ideas about yourself. This is a great year to focus on your physical health and get into a fitness program.

Relationships are fairly positive, but you’re not interested in doing them the same way. You are more direct than usual. You may not feel as connected to your partner, but that has more to do with you than them. If you are single, you are shying away from investing yourself in a personal relationship until you are clearer about where your work is headed. If your work or career is in flux, you don’t have the same confidence that you usually do. This will shift for you after mid July.

Home and family is an area of your life where you are doing some cord-cutting. If you have elderly family members, this could be a time when they seem more human and frail than you imagined. You may want to downsize your own life and clean out those closets and storerooms.

The first half of the year may seem like a roller-coaster ride, but the latter half will be a lot better for you. Hang on and enjoy the ride.

11 Aquarius2014AQUARIUS January 20– February 20

Along with a strong emphasis on creativity, in 2014 you’ll really work on getting your career and long-term plans into shape.

With your career in focus, you are more than ready to make this part of your life better. This is the year to take a leadership role at work. If you feel blocked or unappreciated in your current position, you look for another place to work. Your tolerance for bad management decisions is at an all-time low. You may want to start your own business. It is best to make plans for a career change in the first half of the year and put those plans into play after mid July.

Your spirituality is being tested this year, and old ideas about religion and spirituality are being stripped away. Part of you is angry about how you have allowed yourself to be “fooled,” and this makes you even more suspicious about anything that so-called authorities say.

Part of this spiritual shift is wanting to include spirituality in your daily life. You can even see this happening in your work environment as co-workers make efforts to get along and work together.

You want to make healthier food choices and rid your life of toxins that are in so many foods. This is not a hard thing for you, because you feel so strongly that this is the right path.

Relationships improve after July. If you are in a partnership, you are going to feel more positive about the long term. If you are single, July 2014 through July 2015 will be a good time for you to put yourself out there and get positive results. This also is true for business partnerships as well.

You are speaking your truth this year, and you are not holding back. You are not willing to hide your views just to keep the peace. This could really show up in March through May. Make sure you really want to say what you feel like saying—it will be hard to take back any words spoken in anger during that time.

The latter half of the year is the best time to act on what you have been considering.

12 Pisces2014PISCES February 21– March 20

You have a very mixed bag of activities in your horoscope this year. First, Neptune, your ruler, is about one fifth of the way through her journey in your sign. She has the most impact on those of you born in the first ten days of the sign, or those who have planets in those degrees.

Neptune makes you even more sensitive and psychic. Don’t be surprised if you want more time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. If you have the opportunity, take a spiritual pilgrimage to really have time to focus on you. With so many people around, it’s hard not to interact with their unconscious psychic energies.

Take time to immerse yourself in your creative endeavors. This is a good time for yoga or meditation if the class is not too big. And this is a great year for getting out of town often. Make sure you take a vacation in 2014.

This is also a good year to use more of your talents and resources. Now is the time to activate those parts of yourself that you have kept locked up. In some sense, you are working to re-invent your career. You make more of a commitment to this at the end of 2014 and into 2015. Right now, you are still in the searching-and-planning stage.

One thing missing from your life is a connection with friends and community organizations. You began to pull away from this activity in 2009. In the first half of this year, you re-examine this part of your life and consider re-engaging to develop new business contacts as well as new friendships. It is best to wait until after mid July before you fully commit yourself to any new direction.

You are focusing on your finances, debts, and investments in the first half of 2014. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, this is a time to seriously look at your resources with a good financial planner. You don’t want to be trapped by tight finances any more.

As we get to the end of the year, and especially after mid August, you are in a more decisive mood than you have been in for about seven years. Get organized so you will be ready!


AstrocastLillyLilly Roddy has been an astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business, and financial matters. as well as teaches classes in Astrology. Her original interest in astrology, like most, was to come to a better understanding of who she was and how to make the most of her life. She continues to study all areas of astrology and metaphysics to expand her base of knowledge. Roddy’s approach is to bring together a mental, physical, and spiritual combination that has real application in the world. Roddy can be contacted at 713/529-5842 or [email protected] Photo by John Conroy.



Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy has been an Astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters as well as teaches classes in Astrology. She is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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