Rep. Coleman Files Legislation to Ban Synthetic Drugs Known as Bath Salts

Austin–Representative Garnet F. Coleman today filed House Bill 2118 to ban the dangerous synthetic drugs known as “bath salts.” HB 2118 adds the chemicals used to make the dangerous drugs to the Texas Controlled Substances Act. It also bans similar chemical compositions of the drugs to prevent manufacturers from skirting around the law by slightly modifying the formula. Representative Coleman was prompted to file this legislation after a young Texas man killed himself after consuming the legal drug.

“People think that these drugs can’t be that bad for you because they’re sold over the counter,” said Representative Coleman. “That’s just not the case. These drugs are a serious public health threat to anyone who consumes them.”

The synthetic drugs known as bath salts are snorted, ingested, or injected and can cause paranoia, hallucinations, and psychosis. These drugs are sold legally at convenience stores, head shops, and over the Internet.

“We need to address this issue swiftly,” said Representative Coleman.”These drugs appeal to kids because they’re legal and can be bought over the counter. They need to know that people sometimes have a worse reaction with these drugs than with meth or heroin.”

Louisiana, North Dakota, and Florida have issued emergency bans of the substance.


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