Spinning Right Round

Winning DJ pumps beats with a positive message.

by Rich Arenschieldt • Photo by Dalton DeHart

DJ Chad Guidry

For the last three years Houstonians have chosen multifaceted DJ Chad Guidry as one of the city’s top three “Gayest and Greatest” spinners on the city’s diverse club scene. As an out gay DJ, Guidry is best described as having an artistic “multiple personality”—part club DJ, part percussionist, and part expert country-western dancer.

Guidry’s musicality has been formed through years of training as a percussionist and music teacher. “As a musician and a drummer, I am drawn to acoustic sounds. When I create a CD I never want it to be played in the background—this music is really special and needs to be treated as such.”

Unlike many mixes, Guidry’s trademark issue isn’t stuffed with über electronic effects, re-verbed vocals, or bizarre bits of funk samples. “A lot of house music has a bad rap,” Guidry says. “When I used to listen to dance music in clubs, all I would hear was a deafening beat and nothing else—the lyrics and melody would be totally obscured. In the vocal music that I utilize, the lyrics always express affirmation. My music is very positive, and regardless of what venue I’m spinning at, the message is always clear and upbeat.”

In an unusual juxtaposition of ability, when not spinning at various venues, Guidry is often spinning around in them as a world-class dance competitor. “I went to a dance lesson kicking and screaming with a girl I knew. I started dancing, and found out I could do it really well and  moved to Houston in 1999 to compete. Today, Guidry is a United Country Western Dance Council certified judge.

Guidry’s dance and music each inform the product he produces. Through the years fans have noticed his talents as a musical mixologist, and this has given him increased exposure. “The gig I have at Guava Lamp was originally supposed to be a one-night thing. They liked it so much they asked me to return. This has led to jobs in New Orleans and other places.”

A last-minute winning entry in a contest sponsored by record label Centaur Music has thrust Guidry into the limelight. “Centaur had a contest looking for mixed CD of ‘popular’ music. Since my mix is a bit different from most, I wasn’t sure if it was what they wanted. Then they called and said I had won.

“I’ve been very fortunate; fans have enjoyed my music and recommended me to others. I’ve just been letting this endeavor expand in an organic way.”

For music downloads and more information about Guidry, go to djchadguidry.com. For more on Centaur Music, go to centaurmusic.com.

Rich Arenschieldt wrote about Thomas Street Clinic and its 20th anniversary in the November issue of OutSmart magazine.


Rich Arenschieldt

Rich has written for OutSmart for more than 25 years, chronicling various events impacting Houston’s queer community. His areas of interest and influence include all aspects of HIV treatment and education as well as the milieu of creative endeavors Houston affords its citizenry, including the performing, visual and fine arts. Rich loves interviewing and discovering people, be they living, or, in his capacity as a member of the Society of Professional Obituary Writers, deceased.

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