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Lilly Roddy presents her annual astrological forecast.
By Lilly Roddy

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

sagittarius08The majority of your focus this year is going to be on finances, securing a sense of fiduciary safety for your future and making better use of your talents and resources. This year you are exploring new paths of investments. If you haven’t done this before, you are doing it now. You are personally interested in getting paid more for the services that you render to others. You may raise your fees or ask for a raise from your boss. You need to watch your spending, because you are less cautious about how you spend your money. This could also be a great year to seek out training to improve your skills so that you can make more money.

Some of you are going through a self-reassessment in terms of finances and personal talents. Some of you are activating latent talents that you put away because you didn’t consider them to be effective for your chosen career. Now you are ready to re-explore that decision and reconsider using those talents so that you are more the person you want to be. This has the most impact for those of you born November 22 through the 25th and those of you with planets in these degrees.

All of you are really rethinking your career path. Is it what you wanted it to be? Are you getting the respect and financial reward that you wanted? And can you continue to have a boss that you work for that just adds to the chaos and doesn’t take a true leadership position? This is a time when you really want to make a commitment to this area of your life and have some real things to show for it. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you still have the same attitude about your home and family; you just raise your sense of obligation to that of a career level. And for those of you who are older, this is a time when you are considering retiring and really doing the things you have always wanted to do in your life.

You are ready to introduce some freedom into your life around your family of origin. Psychologically, you are really ready to cut the cord with your family, even if you haven’t lived there in 40 years. Some of this may show up as a desire to redecorate your home and to have a much more modern and open theme to where you live. You are certainly not willing to do things that don’t really grab your interest. So if you are trying to follow through on an obligation that is not freely chosen, it does not happen. This could create some problems with bosses or family as you are more vocal about your choices and more clear about what you won’t do.

You are communicating differently this year. You are more subtle in some ways and more direct in others. Your ability to pick up on what others are thinking is stronger than ever, and you have to make sure that they are aware of what they are communicating. Otherwise, you could be responding to questions they didn’t know they had asked. You are in a very good period for creative writing in which you answer a deeper calling, one that is truly motivated from your soul. This is strongest for those of you born December 12 through the 19th or those of you with planets in those degrees.

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CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

capricorn08To say that this is a big year of change is an understatement. Let’s start with the most major impact. First, Pluto, planet of transformation and detoxification, is entering your sign for the first time since 1762. The last time Pluto had major impact in your life was from 1972 through 1984. This year it has the strongest impact on those of you born December 21 through the 24th or if you have planets in those degrees. The first thing you experience is a desire to get rid of everything in your life that you have outgrown, is toxic, or never really belonged to you. This can be something as simple as clothes or even the personal values that you have carried around since childhood. It is as though you have more control over your choices than you have had since you were born. And with this power, you have some hard things to consider. You may end your career and start a brand-new one. You may end your relationships and start all new ones. Your identity slowly rises to the surface so that you really get to meet the true you, one with all the good and bad parts. Get ready! This is one heck of a ride.

The rest of the Capricorns, born later in the sign, are on a big positive forward movement. This can be a fabulous career time when you are asked to take on a leadership position, start your own business, or travel around the world and really get a chance to enjoy your life. Many doors are opening up for you, and the key is to figure out which doors to open. You may have to watch your choices since this is a time when you can over-commit to your projects. Relationships are better, and if you are single, you are more magnetic and others are drawn to you. This is a good year for school, travel, or promoting yourself or your business.

In addition to all this good news, you are really interested in making the best use of your time. If you decide to teach or go back to school, you make a real mark there. You carry with you a strong sense of personal integrity and position. If you have a chance to work with people from foreign countries or foreign-owned businesses, this can be a real plus for you in your career. You are interested in how others live, but only to the extent that it has a meaning to you personally. You are examining traditions and considering doing away with some. The key is that they must fit you and not that you have to fit into them.

Make sure that you keep your routines fresh and flexible this year. There is so much change that you may feel a bit out of sorts with things not being the same every day. If you have siblings, your interactions with them are different. You are very tolerant of them if they are willing to interact in a pleasant way, but if they are wanting to be the “baby” and have their needs come first in deference to yours, you certainly read them the riot act. Generally, you are speaking more directly and truthfully with all people around you.

Lastly, you are reconsidering how important money and prestige is to you. You want to have enough, but you are not as willing to sell your soul for these things as you might have been in the past. The way you use your talents and skills has to have a deeper meaning and impact for you. You are not willing just to go through the motions so you can have security. You want your life to mean something. In many ways, you are trying to spiritualize your view of security and have more faith and truth in the Universe.

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AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)

aquarius08You are getting more in touch with your spiritual destiny than at any other time in your entire life. This is a year when you are supposed to reach deep inside and be led to what you want to do with your life. In a way, this year is about having that “calling” that makes your life resonate with a sense of wholeness. What I describe as truly spiritual is when all parts of your life, both inner and outer, are working toward the same goals and directions. It is not whether being an auto mechanic is spiritual but whether you are drawn to the work because of how it makes you feel and how it impacts others around you. In the past you have been reluctant to tap into this part of yourself, because it seemed like you were giving your precious freedom away and were having to do what others wanted you to do. But now you are more able to make that decision for yourself than you have been in many years.

Your psychic and intuitive skills are being turned up so that you can hear and see more of the unseen world than ever before. In every part of your life and in the most mundane areas, you are trying to have a greater sense of what faith and belief in the universe means to you. Many of you are rejecting old patterns and beliefs, and some of you are suffering with a sense of being jaded. Just exactly what do you believe in? And how will this help your career and make your relationships better? The answer is that you are trying to be internally happy and not looking for it outside yourself. In your career, this is exactly the time to go and do exactly what you want to do—no excuses, no delays.

Those of you born February 10 through the 15th and those with planets in those degrees are on a spiritual pilgrimage and looking around to find a way to have meaning in your lives. You are the person who is in a hermit phase and wanting more time to yourself. You can feel burdened by family members or relationship partners, as their psychic energies find you and pull on you. You really want to find some time to be alone this year. Walking, spiritual retreats, meditation, or anything that allows you some time to escape are very important for your emotional and physical health. If you don’t get this time, you have lower energies and are not be able to deal with the same level of stress as you have in the past.

Turning to relationships, you are ready to make more of a commitment and a connection than you have in about seven years. You are ready to break through your fear of commitment and have others really see you. You are not willing to have pretense around you in your relationships, both business and personal. And you are expecting more integrity from those that you ask to be in relationships with you. Some of this can show up as money problems, as you and your partner try to get on the same track by being able to share what your real internal desires are. This time can also reveal some sexual dysfunction, but don’t be afraid to share, as this is all part of who can you trust.

As for your financial picture, the theme continues to follow. You are really only able to do what comes from your heart or your true self. You are not able to do many routine things. Your work needs to have a different schedule each day or at least one that you feel free to choose. And certainly it must spark your passion. Without that passion, you feel that you are just “another wheel in the cog.” Look for employment in areas that emphasize high-tech things or work that requires your brain to be challenged. You are the most happy there.

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PISCES (February 19-March 20)

pisces08For the first time in about 12 years, I am able to talk about Pisces beginning to have a stable time in their lives. Stability has just not been available to you. Finally you are beginning to have a chance to make some career decisions and have them work out. You are in the process of creating better boundaries than you have had in a while, and you are putting yourself first, which is really essential for you. You are ready to make a commitment to a career path. You are being careful about selecting a path that has a clear job description, one that still allows you to drift over to someone else’s department but not one that requires that you fix the entire department around you. If you are currently working at a place like this, you will be soon looking for another place to work.

Friends are going to play a major role in your life this year, and for the first time in a long time, they are going to be more supportive of you than you are of them. Some of your friends are in the process of moving, and you soon have some vacancies to fill. You can be sure that you are drawing in new people around you. You are like a friend magnet, and others just want to be in your company. If you want, you can join a group or organization and take on a role of leadership. You are more drawn to social and community work than ever, and this year can be particularly rewarding in that regard. You certainly are getting rid of organizations that don’t have a purpose in your life. In fact, you may be called in to a group to make that very decision about whether to revive a group or just bury it. Some people you meet this year are mentors to you and can really help you find your path to your personal expression of power. And even though they may be really wonderful, the thing you like most about them is how down-to-earth they are.

For those of you born March 8 through the 14th, or those of you with planets in those degrees, you are still a part of the restless side of the sign. You still feel the desire to have stability in your life, but you are more reluctant to make a long-term commitment. You can make commitments but only for about four to six months at a time. It may be that those periods add up and do turn into something long-term, but you still want the option to look elsewhere. This includes relationships or career. It is more that you have to build a fence with a gate with no lock. As long as you can go, you feel good about staying. And finally, the ongoing spiritual path for Pisces: This is something that all Pisces are always on and will be until their spirit rejoins the universal monad. But this year, you are more comfortable with your own company and do not need as much time to yourself as you have in the past. You are better with your psychic boundaries, and even if others have problems, you are better at allowing them the grace to figure out how to take care of themselves. You are directing your spiritual purpose to yourself so that you can clearly help others, because you are invigorated by that process instead of looking for others’ appreciation for your efforts. Do what is best for you, and others benefit just because you are there.

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Lilly Roddy has been an Astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters as well as teaches classes in Astrology. She is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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