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(August 23-September 22)

Certainly, change is in the air for the Virgins. Since the latter part of 2006, you have been feeling restless. Now, that feeling is stronger than ever. The first area that needs to be addressed is relationships. Although this is simple to say, it is actually difficult to confront. Your relationship and your partnership skills need to go into the shop for a major overhaul. Otherwise, you and your partner will face some boring times over this next year. If you consciously don’t address these areas, problems can then pop up spontaneously. This will certainly make you feel totally out of balance, which will make you over-reactive.

You may want to engage in some therapy or anything that brings you and your partner together to help you relate better to one another. I can tell you that if you don’t address this need for ultimate renewal, in September the fecal matter will hit the ventilation system. So don’t wait. Address this now.

You really need to update your career area. You are ready to experiment with something totally different and unusual, in part because you want to feel more connected and passionate about what you are doing. The earliest signs that you are not engaged will show up as boredom and a trapped feeling. This is an early indicator. Taking some classes may help and even stimulate you to look into more creatzive outlets. If you are a writer or a speaker, this would be a great time to market yourself.

At home, you are ready to change the paint colors, switch the furniture, or even move. If you can relocate for work, this would be an excellent time for this to occur. This can also represent a healing time between you and your family. There has been some deep wounding on both parts, and this healing time can help close that gap. It doesn’t matter who extends the olive branch.

The eclipse cycle this year is in Virgo/Pisces. March, the end of August, and the beginning of September are trigger times. You will be exploring new areas of yourself, especially in relation to your partner. If you are single, this could be a time that someone enters your life. This can be true even if you are in a committed relationship. By September, you enter a very decisive time. You begin to review what you are going to keep and what you are going to throw away. You may appear to be a bit grumpy during the end of the year, but you are just working hard on preparing for the future.

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(September 23-October 23)

Friends, community organizations, and business associates are the initial focus of this year.

You are really considering where to invest your energies. That means that you expect some return on those areas of your life. This can be a great time for you to take a leadership role in a business organization. People are ready to follow you. If you already belong to some organizations, you may find that they no longer serve your purposes. In that case, you will be letting go of those.

If you are in contact with children or have children of your own, you may find that they are harder to deal with this year. They want to be their own bosses and may not be listening to you so closely. They want to be more playful and are less concerned about getting ahead. Of course, this can be your own inner child wanting to go outside and play more and work less. You may be resisting her messages and continue to focus on external success. You will feel some of your passion waning if you do.

At work, a massive re-organization is going on. There are new computers, high-tech stuff is invading your workspace, and you are learning new ways to be more effective. At the same time, you are more attracted to the high-tech goodies. Work can be a bit chaotic during June and July. You are just being made aware of problems that have been lurking for a while. They really aren’t new. They are just new to you.

You are also in a good period to improve existing health conditions. You have been getting some signals from the universe since last October. I hope you are paying attention. You will be reminded about them again in March and September and October. So don’t wait for the messages. You can do something now. A visit to the doctor beforehand will ensure that you are doing just the right things for your body.

For sure, you will really need to take a break from your normal day-to-day routines. You may feel the need to escape in May and in October. You can do this mentally if you can take a class or something that will help your mind with a diversion. This time for leisure activity will also show up again in September as well, but this will be related to a bit of work stress. Just remember to keep being playful and to not take any of this too seriously.

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(October 24-November 21)

Career security and the challenge of family expectation is your general theme for the year. This is an especially important career time for you. You are evaluating which direction you are going in your career. Will you continue in the current direction? If you do, then you must have some new project to direct your interest. One of the things you are realizing this year is that you have completed a lot of your personal career goals, and you need some new mountains to climb. You have been really wondering what new directions you would like. After mid-April, you will be much more clear about this situation. You can expect some indecision at the end of February, but that is only temporary.

At the core of this indecision is your fear of committing to yourself and the need for choices to enhance your sense of freedom. Your choices can never be made just because they are the “right” things to do. They always have to be made because they connect to your fundamental passionate instinct. Passion is what feeds you.

You are doing some separating from your family this year. You are adjusting to becoming your own parent and are slowly breaking from the role that you had in your childhood with your own parents. For some of you, this will involve taking on the role of the parent for your parents and for other members in your family.

Money and finances are good this year, as you have some choice opportunities to make some investments that should really pay off. You can expect a raise in pay, increased clientele, or increased business. Others desire your information and expertise. Be careful that you don’t give too much of yourself away during this year.

After September, you shift your primary focus to friends, groups, and business associations. You will be taking a leadership role in the business community or at work. You can also expect some of your long-time friendships to be tested. Some may end as a result. You are looking for a renewed commitment from your friends. This may be especially strong during October and November.

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(November 22-December 21)

With your ruling planet, Jupiter, in your sign for all of 2007, you can anticipate that this will be a very active and overall exceptionally busy year.

Jupiter symbolizes growth, expansion, travel, widening of one’s horizons, and increased social activity. The only particularly negative aspect of Jupiter: You can easily take on more activity than you can actually deal with.

One of the immediate effects of Jupiter in Sagittarius: You will want to have more fun in your life. This can be an excellent time for meeting new people for relationships or for business. You will have a strong magnetism that will attract people to you.

For career and business, this can be at a time that you are looking for new clientele, an expansion of your market potential, or even just a promotion at work. You will find that this desire is stronger after September, when you will be asked to take on a lot more responsibility. Be sure that you work on what you expect and what they expect of you. You easily take on too much, and your expectation of what you can get done often exceeds a 24-hour day. Having some set rules and boundaries is advisable so that you will know when you are successful. In addition to setting these margins, you will want to make sure that you are not taken advantage of during this very strong career period.

For some of you in your career area, this may also be a time when you consider retirement and eventually look for some new direction to take your life. You may feel that you have done all you can where you are and that you need to make an innovative choice.

Personal relationships receive a big boost this year with Jupiter’s influence. If you are single, this influence can help to attract people into your life. If you are in a committed relationship, Jupiter’s sway can help to renew that commitment or draw new people into your life so that you have a different way to go.

Travel and breaking from routines is a must with Jupiter. Make sure that you have that in your plans. Work can be a boring place during May and October. Make vacation plans during this time so you have some excitement in your life.

You are pulling away from your family and breaking some of the hold that they have on you. You haven’t wanted to be dominated by them for the last two years, but this is now especially the case. You want and need your independence and to feel acceptance for who you really are.

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