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Alantude Takes Manhattan

Native Houstonian Alan Gonzalez is expanding his brand following an Emmy win.

Alan Gonzalez

In December 2019, fashion designer Alan Gonzalez was featured on the cover of OutSmart magazine. The reboot of Project Runway was about to hit the small screen, and Gonzalez was hopeful that he might follow in the footsteps of Houston designer Chloe Dao and take first prize.

While he didn’t win on Project Runway, he did go on to win an Emmy Award for his costume designs and has found new direction and a new city along the way.

“After Project Runway, I moved to New York City and immediately started working on making costumes for TV,” Gonzalez says. “My first job in the city was on HBO’s Legendary. After that, I went on to make costumes for The Quest on Disney+, which was Emmy-nominated for Outstanding Special Effects Costumes, Hair and Makeup. And we won! I can now say I am an Emmy Award-winning designer.”

Houstonians who remember Gonzalez may also recall his signature brand of “Alantude.” Although his career shifted to focus primarily on costume design during the pandemic, that signature Alantude attitude lives on. Gonzalez still creates custom designs for clients, and he hosted the web series Project Runway Redemption next to Nina Garcia, so his ties to the show that gave him his boost remain strong.

December 2019 cover photo by Ashkan Roayaee

“Had I not done the show, I would not have made the jump to a new city. I wouldn’t have made the friends I made through the show, and I wouldn’t be working on all these projects I’m so grateful to have my name on. It helped grow my audience, and was able to keep me and my family afloat throughout the pandemic,” he says.

His own brand took a back seat while he worked on the TV shows, but Gonzalez says he is happy to be getting his focus back on designing and further developing his brand. He intends to establish a presence in several stores across the country very soon.

“I have worked with several manufacturers that can make on-demand clothing as we grow. Last season was the first time I showed in New York during Fashion Week, and I plan to continue to push my brand in New York more—while still keeping Houston on my side.”

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