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Gay Pasadena City Council member Jonathan Estrada is seeking a second term in office.

Jonathan Estrada

Victory Fund-endorsed candidate Jonathan Estrada, 31, is seeking re-election to the Pasadena City Council, representing District E. The Pasadena native beat four other opponents in his first bid by knocking on over 5,000 doors and meeting constituents literally where they live. He secured a win with over 60 percent of the vote, and he hopes to do it again by running on his record of accomplishments and service.

“I ran for City Council to see progress on different issues and to bring a different insight to the City Council,” Estrada says. “Running as openly LGBTQ+ allows me to connect and serve a greater group of people. One of the great things about City elections is they are nonpartisan, [so they] give me the ability to talk with everyone—Republican, Democrat, or independent. And that I enjoy.”

Estrada notes that during his first term, $20 million was allotted for municipal infrastructure improvements. This was especially important to his district in the historical part of Pasadena.

“I live on the north side of Pasadena, centrally located in the historical and old part of the city. I like Pasadena’s diversity and the people, and I enjoy living in a calm neighborhood.” he says.

Estrada notes the support that City Council provided to first responders and other City workers by giving them a cost-of-living wage increase. He has also been able to enhance constituent services in his district, allowing the people of Pasadena to better connect with the services the City provides. A second term would give Estrada the opportunity to do more.

“There are challenges ahead of us. [We need to] continue identifying areas that need infrastructure improvement. Still, I would like to see the city move in a creative direction [by continuing] to enhance our City services.”

Pasadena is located just southeast of Houston, near the Ship Channel. Despite its majority-Hispanic population, many of its elected leaders have not historically reflected that demographic. This appears to be changing, though, and Estrada’s election is proof of that.

“Pasadena’s demographics have changed in past years. The city is about 70 percent Hispanic, and my district is about 75 percent,” he notes. “More Hispanic candidates are on the ballot for the City Council this year than ever before. More people are becoming aware of the issues and deciding to run for public office.”

Estrada does not take his initial electoral victory for granted, and he knows he still has a job to do. He must show voters that he will keep providing results if they choose to keep him in office.

“Voters should vote for me because we have made significant progress in less than two years. I am the most prepared, qualified, and experienced person to keep doing the critical work on the City Council,” Estrada concludes. “Serving the people of the city that I love has been one of the greatest honors of my life. Public service is the calling of a lifetime.”

Early voting in Pasadena is April 24–May 2, and election day is May 6. Follow candidate Estrada at or on social media.

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