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Texas Parents of Transgender Children Prepare for ‘Fourth Round’ Fight

The Texas Senate has passed a bill restricting transgender youth from playing on sports teams consistent with their gender identity four separate times in 2021.

Eight-year-old Sunny Bryant and her mother, Rebekah, have both testified multiple times in opposition to a bill targeting transgender high school sports students (photo by Annie Mulligan for The Texas Tribune).

By Allyson Waller, Texas Tribune

Although the sports bill and other bills targeting transgender youth, such as those that would limit gender-affirming care, have not become law in Texas, LGBTQ advocates and the transgender community have expressed that the simple possibility has already exacted a mental toll on transgender youth. And with a third special session now underway, parents of transgender children have only seen the frustration — and exhaustion — grow among their families.

Linzy Foster says she doesn’t feel heard regarding her advocacy for transgender rights (photo by Michael Gonzalez/The Texas Tribune)
“It just keeps on happening, it’s ridiculous,” Karen Krajcer, a mother to a 9-year-old, said about the amount of bills filed during sessions that have targeted LGBTQ Texans (photo by Michael Gonzalez/The Texas Tribune).
Rebekah Bryant at her daughter’s school in Houston on Sept. 23, 2021 (photo by Annie Mulligan for The Texas Tribune).
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