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Dave Welch: Democrats Aren’t Just ‘Godless,’ They’re Pretty Much Nazis

Anti-LGBTQ activist doubles down on Houston pastor Ed Young's post-election claim.

Earlier this month, we told you how Pastor Ed Young of Houston’s Second Baptist Church claimed following the midterm elections that all Democrats are “godless.”

Young made the statement at the watch party for ousted GOP Congressman John Culberson, a member of Second Baptist.

After video of Young’s comments went viral, the anti-LGBT Texas Pastor Council—of which Young is a member—came to his defense.

In an op-ed posted Friday on the Pastor Council’s website, Executive Director Dave Welch wrote that although Young’s remarks were taken out of context, the Democratic Party of 2018 is, in fact, “godless.”

“Are their Democrats who are not ‘godless’ and do not accept the full scope of the party’s radical commitments to the slaughter of preborn children and the rejection of God’s design of sex (male or female), marriage and family?,” Welch wrote. “Of course. They have become irrelevant however to the direction of the party and are going to have to make a ‘Mt. Carmel’ choice, as will all those who claim to be Christian.

“Choose this day whom you will serve, the God of life as represented in the Bible and in all creation, or the god of death with all its terrible ramifications as now adhered to by the Democrat party,” Welch wrote. “Choose wisely, because not choosing is choosing just as surely as German martyr Deitrich Boenhoeffer stated that ‘Not to speak is to speak.'”

Read Welch’s full op-ed here.

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