Dan Patrick Claims Victory on Bathroom Bill, Even Though It Didn’t Pass

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick once accused the media of spreading “fake news” about his anti-transgender bathroom bill.

Later, Patrick compared his vicious, politically motivated crusade against LGBTQ Texans to the Battle of the Alamo.

Now, Patrick is claiming victory on the bathroom bill—even though it didn’t pass. (Talk about fake news!)

“We won,” Patrick told reporters Thursday at the Republican Party of Texas’ annual convention, according to the Houston Chronicle. “This issue is settled.”

Patrick’s logic? Well, in March, 90 percent of Texas GOP primary voters supported a vaguely worded, non-binding ballot proposition calling for the state to “protect the privacy of women and children in spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers …”

Of course, the bathroom bill has nothing to do with protecting anyone’s privacy and safety. Need proof?

Also at the state GOP convention this week, a committee voted to make the following one of the party’s top five legislative priorities for next year: “Family Values/Gender Issues/Bathroom Privacy.”

That’s right, as if there was ever any doubt, Texas Republicans just inadvertently acknowledged that the bathroom bill is all about “Family Values”—just another battle in their never-ending, anti-LGBTQ culture war.

Patrick is wrong, though: They’re losing.

—John Wright




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