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Texas Mulch Masters: Gardening Soil, Compost, and More Delivered Straight to your Door

By Karen Derr

Have your landscaping mulch blown in, right where you want it! After working in the commercial landscape business for six years, Heath Beeman, along with his brother-in-law, Nolan Butterfras, started Texas Mulch Masters. The family-owned business delivers organic mulch, compost, soils, and more, directly to homeowners and businesses. And the mulch is blown into beds—saving time and customers money. Heath explains, “Buying directly from us is much cheaper than having mulch delivered and then spread by a landscaping company. Blowing it directly into beds and around trees is much quicker, saving man-hours and money.”

Texas Mulch Masters products are all-organic with no plastic or lumber debris ground into it. And their native hardwood mulch is aged for six to nine months, meeting strict standards to assure no weed seeds are in the mulch. For square-foot or raised-bed gardening, they offer a proprietary soil blend, specially formulated for maximum results in intensive gardening. They even offer vegan soils. Their Super Sustain soil blend can be mixed with existing soil, planted in, or used as a top dressing as a means of reducing watering requirements for your lawn.

Let Texas Mulch Masters recommend a soil or compost blend for your gardening needs. This family-owned business delivers within a 20-mile radius at no additional charge.


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Karen Derr

Karen Derr is a Houston-area Realtor and the founder of Karen Derr Realtors. She writes and speaks about home and small-business topics and is a frequent contributor to OutSmart.
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