2013 Astrocast by Lilly Roddy

Will this be a gem of a year?

by Lilly Roddy  |  Illustrations by David Eduardo Flores Perez
Photo of Lilly Roddy by John Conroy

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The most important planetary event we are going to have this year is Uranus, planet of change and rebellion, in a very tense alignment with Pluto, planet of power and “the cosmic enema.” This has been the cause of the worldwide power struggles that are going on between the haves and have-nots. These energies will be very strong in May, August, and November. It is a time to throw off the shackles of the old guard. That same dynamic is taking place on a personal level for many of you, and you may realize you are unwilling tolerate your own complacence. We will all be freer when this is done. Examine the things you’re holding on to that undermine your success. Look for solutions during June and July. We can move forward more easily in June, July, and December.

This year, Mercury is retrograde February 18 through March 22, June 22 through  July 26, and October 15 through November 15. Mercury retrograde periods are very positive times to finish old projects, clean out files and closets, and take care of things from the past. Sometimes old friends or flames can return during a Mercury retrograde. For those in sales, it’s a great time to contact people on your existing client list rather than trying to find new customers.

The eclipses in April, October, and November are aimed at improving personal financial responsibility. This may bring bad situations to light so that things can improve. This will have a greater impact on those of you born in Taurus or Scorpio.

ARIES March 21– April 19
This continues to be another big year of change for Aries folk. So many of you are looking to reinvent yourselves and do something that is totally different. You may be noticing the first signs of boredom and feeling trapped. You have grown past the things that used to motivate you. You will have to answer to energies that want you to live more in the present and be less concerned about future security. This can be a difficult time if your relationship is very rigid. You want to step out of the roles that you have played, and it may require putting your relationship in the shop for an overhaul. August could be a very tense month for your relationships, even if other things are generally positive. This is strongest for those of you born March 28 through April 2, or for those with planets at those degrees.

You are looking to redo your career path as well. It could be that you have become less tolerant of your current career path, or your company may be going through some downsizing. Either way, you are looking to do things that are different from your original intentions. Better options open up for you after June. If your work involves travel or you’re able to relocate, this could be an opportune time for you. You may feel some pressure to make decisions about all of this during July and August. This is strongest for those of you born March 28 through April 2, or for those with planets at those degrees.

In the back of your mind, you are working as fast as you can to get yourself into a stable financial place. Money fears could arise in May that make you even more focused on getting your ducks in a row. You sexual energies may be lower as financial issues create mistrust and an inability to be open with your partner. A financial planner and a therapist would be good for both of you. Don’t go at it alone—it will only make you feel more distant. This is strongest for those of you born March 24 through April 14,or for those with planets at those degrees.

Communications should continue to be good. You are getting your point across, but you are overloading your schedule. This can also be a good time for going back to school to update your skills or embark on a totally new path if you are reinventing your career. Home and family is emphasized after June. Some of you will be moving, while others are remodeling. This is also a great time to heal old family wounds. You will want to be free of those wounds and might simply cut the cord if they can’t be healed. It’s a great time to travel for business or pleasure. Break out of your routine!

TAURUS April 20– May 20
After several years of drifting about, you are feeling more focused on long-term goals and making the most of your life. You’ll start out by evaluating where you have been as you consider what to do next. Usefulness is your key word—things, people, work, and friends must be useful. If people don’t have a useful place in your life, you will get rid of them. For business clients who are just too hard to please, you will be asking them to take their business elsewhere.

As you mature, you expect other people to act more like adults and take responsibility for their own issues. It’s time to renew and strengthen your commitments with long-term contracts, both professionally and personally. If you are in a relationship, it’s time to set new long-term goals that encourage intimacy. Marriage, purchasing property together, or having children are all ways to demonstrate a personal commitment. If you are single and dating, you’ll want to upgrade your existing relationship boundaries—something that lets everyone know you value commitment.

Your career activity improves this year. Some of you will be starting your own business, while others will be working to improve their status in their current company. If you are older, this could be the time to retire from a position you’ve had for a long time. You are definitely looking for new career goals this year.

Career opportunities really open up in June, July, and even August—months that are rather challenging for most everyone else. Any business associated with foreigners is especially good for you.

The eclipses this year in late April, October, and November fall into your relationship area. This can bring some real tension to your partnerships. Hidden aspects of the relationship will be revealed. Work on clearing things up ahead of time, instead of waiting for the memo to arrive. This is a strong year for you to get yourself together and move in a good forward direction.

GEMINI  May 21– June 21
The Twins are busy this year with Jupiter—planet of growth, expansion, travel, and overdoing it—moving through Gemini. With Jupiter, you usually feel positive and confident, putting off an energy that attracts people to you.

The first half of the year is an especially beneficial time. This is a good time for all kinds of social activities—dating, promoting a project or yourself, starting a new business, meeting new business contacts, meeting someone new to date, and feeling hungrier (literally!). This is also a good time to travel, look for a new job, or go back and upgrade your education. The hardest part will be choosing what to do, since Jupiter tries to get you to do it all.

After mid-year, you begin to get your financial act together and start to make more money. Of course, it’s not unusual to also spend more money during this very same period. Investments will also pay off better.

Relationships are generally better in 2013, since Jupiter makes you more magnanimous. For singles, this can be an excellent time for dating and meeting someone new. If you are involved, you may get a real boost to a long-term relationship. If you are in an unhappy relationship, then Jupiter will make you hungrier and you will be looking to sample  some new and interesting pastries.

Your business is reorganizing its workplace and upgrading the conditions there. This could mean moving your office. 2013 will be about improving the workplace and making the best use or your time and energy there. Some of that reorganization energy will bleed over into home and family routines as well.

Those of you born May 23 through the 27th, or who have planets at those degrees, are being influenced by Neptune. Neptune encourages a time of personal and spiritual retreat—having more time to yourself and less on work, relationships, or children. It is common to want to have time alone without a lot of drama. People are usually driven by stronger inner and creative side of their personalities, with less focus on career goals. In the beginning, you may feel unsettled, lonely, or depressed as Neptune makes you question your whole “belief system.” Make sure you have time to yourself.

For most of the Geminis, 2013 is a positive and active year. As my Gemini Moon mother said, “Make hay while the sun shines!” Make the best of it.

CANCER June 22– July 22
The Moon Kids continue to be in a long period of change in their lives. This has been with you since 2008, and will reach its peak in 2014 and 2015. After that, you will be in a more stable time. But until then, get your track shoes on; there is just too much to get done.

There are two primary areas that you are focused on: career and relationships. There are other things, but that is where you will spend most of your energy. This is a time of massive clearing out and cleaning up in your life. All of this activity makes you question your past decisions since you don’t feel as connected to the past as
you once did.

You are looking for a spark or an idea to reignite interest in your career. (Your career is whatever you choose to do to express yourself professionally or socially: bank president, stay-at-home mom, writer, or snake charmer.) You have been missing that feeling of connection to what you used to do. You are ready to act on finding a new project. This is a good time to start your own business.

Relationships are in need of a much bigger overhaul. You will have to tear down the relationship structure you have always used and start building from the ground up. This time you are the one designing the model, and not approaching it as the quiet child who tried to please everyone. Time to throw that template out! If you are in a relationship and it needs some refurbishing, active participation in the process will give you a better sense of control.

Otherwise, it may feel like people are pressuring you to change. Sometimes this encourages people to learn to have a better relationship with themselves, and not need other people as much. These energies get much stronger in May, August, and November, and will have the greatest impact on those of you born June 30 through  July 4, or who have planets  at those degrees.

In mid-June, just in time for your birthday, Jupiter, planet of expansion and open-mindedness, enters your sign for twelve months. This is a very good time for marketing yourself or your business. It is also a very good time to meet new people for potential future relationships. Jupiter favors travel, education, and meeting people from different cultures. Make the most of it!


LEO July 23– August 22
This year you are working on rebuilding the foundations in your life. For the last couple of years, you have not felt clear about what you wanted to do with your life. You only knew what you didn’t want to do. This year, you are already re-evaluating how you spend your time, what you are doing with your career, and how you plan to spend your golden years.

You need to start by getting home and family issues into a much more manageable condition. On a personal level, this could involve cutting the cord with your history. You are in a cleaning-out and downsizing time, and people, things, and beliefs must all have a practical and useful purpose. Otherwise, you will be getting rid of a lot of things.

This is also a time of nesting, when you will want to have a safe place called “home” to go to. You could be remodeling, selling, or moving to a new location. This year will also show you who is really in your corner. This can also make you feel very isolated and alone. Relationships can seem like more trouble than they’re worth, even if you are in a good one. Be careful that you don’t look back and judge all your past choices as bad ones. It took those choices to get you to where you are now.

With your career, you are getting to the heart of what you really want to do, and making a commitment to do it. Your friends could be especially helpful to you in the first half of the year. Look to them to give you a clearer perspective on what works. They will have very good advice for you. Networking or coaching groups would be a great place to work on your career plans and meet new people. This could just be a pleasant social time if you don’t feel the need to make a career move. You will want more time to yourself in the last half of the year.

What makes all of this work is when you think outside of the box. This can be a great time to travel, meet people from distant countries, or write your autobiography. It is time for your ideas to reach a broader audience. You are more upbeat than usual, and not as concerned about what others will think. A very creative career time! Let people see your authentic self.


VIRGO August 23– September 22
This should be an especially productive year for the Virgins. Most of the planets are forming positive relationships to your sign, so most of the goals are reachable. Overall energies are even more positive in the last half of the year.

2013 is a very good time for your career. If you own a business, it’s an excellent time for marketing or new projects. You should expect a promotion and more recognition. If you are interested in changing positions, this is a great time to look—except from February 18 to March 22. If you are in a position of teaching, public speaking, or writing, this is an excellent time for you. After mid-year, you build momentum as you expand to reach a larger audience. Some will be more active in community organizations, perhaps just enjoying a great social life because of it.

You’re working very hard to organize your thoughts and ideas. You are naturally interested in using your time more efficiently, so you’re turning up the intensity. You are reviewing old habits and changing them. The words you use must be used more effectively.

You could be updating some of the technology you use for daily activities. I know you’ve resisted, but you are ready to get on with the new millennium. Creatively, you are finding ways to use your knowledge in a different way. You want to have more fun in your work, and that is so important to Virgins. You are better at understanding the motives of others, and this is helping to reveal your own hidden motives.
Any financial burdens you have will really impinge on your freedom in 2013, though perhaps only at an emotional level. You can work on that and find relief—all you have to do is jump in.

For those of you born on August 25 through the 28th, or if you have planets at those degrees, you are in a time of personal retreat where you are pulling away from the world. This is an excellent year to spend more time with yourself, especially if you are an artist and need time to recharge your creative energies. If you get outside of your home to make a living, you will need more yoga, tai chi, or meditation to help. Personal space is a really big thing this year. If you don’t get enough, it will be hard to feel rested.


LIBRA September 23– October 23
Like those born in the other cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn, Librans have been and continue to be in a big time of personal change. The areas that are being most affected by change are relationships and your home and family issues.

Relationships are such an important thing for Librans—they need relationships to help define who they are. No matter which business Librans are in, what they are really doing is creating relationships with people.

Currently, you are looking to be freer in your relationships. This may seem like a time when you can’t find anyone, or that relationships are just too much work. You want so much more personal space in your life, but your relationship structures haven’t caught up with this new priority of yours. You are letting go of the “must-do lists” that you bring to the relationships you get into.

You are operating without a net and taking more risks than you have in the past. You are not willing to be the peacekeeper that you’ve been in the past. This can cause some real problems in relationships that have a lot of history. Particularly in May, August, and November, the tension will be palpable.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. This year, many of you will choose to be single, or at least be more on your own. With your family, you are getting to the core of what it means to be a family. For some of you, this may be a time when the illusion of family dies and you just can’t drag yourself to family events. This may be a time when the veil is lifted and the truth is revealed, and you are happy to finally see the light—even though that comes with the loss of some innocence.

2013 can be a time when you are downsizing your home, remodeling, or just doing some major cleaning out. This may be taking so much of your time that you can’t fully focus on your career. Career opportunities do open up for you after June, and are particularly positive in July and December.

All of this is especially strong for those of you born September 30 through October 5, or if you have planets at those degrees. It’s a time to take action.

SCORPIO October 24– November 21
You are in a major time of reviewing your past accomplishments and considering what new ambitions you should be reaching for at this point. Saturn, planet of usefulness and long-term goals, is moving through Scorpio for the next two years. The last time Saturn moved through Scorpio was from 1983 to 1985. If you are older, this is a repeat of that cycle.

Saturn promotes long-term safety and success in the career path you choose, and she always wants to up the ante. She is wondering what new heights you are going to accomplish. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a CEO, Saturn pushes you to be the best at what you do.

If you are under 42 and really looking to get a good grip on your career, you may be feeling that time is running out for you. This is the time to jump-start your career by going back to school, getting a new position at another company, or starting your own business. Whatever you decide, you are looking to create long-term security in your life.

If you are over 42, this is a time to decide if you are doing what you want with your career. The same things that motivated you when you were younger do not drive you. You are not as hungry and determined to prove yourself. You are looking for more respect and acknowledgement of the wisdom you’ve gained from decades of  experience.

Your relationships are also going through a period of review and potential renewal. This is not a bad time for existing relationships, but you both need to be on the same page. In fact, this is a great time to book a room at a bed and breakfast and have a business meeting about your relationship. If you can’t find common ground, you just might decide to move on.

After June, you move into a very positive time that lasts through the end of June 2014. You will seem to be more in touch with the flow of things. You feel fairly driven and see some success from your efforts this year. June, July, and August are good months for  you to make decisions that have long-term implications.

The eclipses in April, October, and November will have a definite impact on your relationships. Keep your eyes open and look for new ways to improve your partnership.


SAGITTARIUS November 22– December 21
Stepping away from your routines and looking for more creative outlets in your life will be a strong theme for 2013. First, new relationship options come along this year. You are open to meeting new people, and you have charisma working in your favor. If you’re in an existing relationship, this will be a time when that improves. It can also be a great time of opportunity for your partner. If you are single and want to change that, this is an excellent time to start dating. This should also be an excellent time for business partners who may be considering doing something away from the corporate world.

As we move into the summer, you’re looking for more emotional security. Part of this is also tied to your spiritual life and your drive to be more creative. You’re more open emotionally, sharing more about who you are at your core.

During the last several years, you have been trying to shift your career to utilize your other talents. This year is going to be a time when you really push to make that happen. June through September, and December are good times for you to leave your old job.

For many of you, this is a big time of getting your financial picture in order. You’re really working to reduce your debt. Along with this, you’re seeking greater intimacy with your romantic partner. You’re opening up more and looking for a relationship that offers you freedom, safety, and intimacy.

Creatively, you are on a roll as you free up the big kid that lives inside of you. If you have children, this can be a time when they want to be more independent–giving your own “inner child” more time to play! For those of you born November 24–28, or with planets at those degrees, you’re in a totally different place than other Sagittarians. You’re seeking a more calm and comfortable place to find
inner peace. You’re more psychically sensitive, so even mundane activities will be harder to do if you must be around too many drama-oriented people. Don’t be surprised if the only company you want to keep is your own. This energy works best with artistic people—but even for them, it’s a time of strong emotional expression. You won’t be able to hold it in, and you shouldn’t. Find a quiet place to find some peace.

CAPRICORN December 22– January 19
Along with the other cardinal signs—Aries, Libra, and Cancer—Capricorn is going through another year of tremendous change. The areas that are in focus for the Capricorns are themselves, their homes, and family.

At the personal level, this continues to be a time for ridding yourself of things you don’t need and taking better care of yourself through diet and exercise. You should try anything that aids in this time of personal detoxification. This can be a time of enormous personal growth. You are shaking off the unconscious demands that family and society have pushed on you from an early age. Since you are letting go of those unconscious drives and the need to prove yourself, you may feel rudderless or just unsure. This is a time to challenge your assumptions about career choices, to the point that you may retire or completely change direction. This can also be a time when you feel very alone in spite of all of the supportive people around you. This is part of your death-and-rebirth cycle.

You are really ready to chuck the traditions of the past. This can be a time when you will want to live unburdened by controls. In the past, you always kept score of what you had acquired, but now that is not so appealing. If you have older relatives, they may feel it is their time to move on. The core of your family is changing, and so is your role. You have more choices than you used to have. Make those based on how much more freedom it can give you. This is strongest for those born December 29 through January 2, and those of you who have planets at those degrees.

There is some work out there for you, but you are not into making decisions about your career direction at this time. But you can certainly find a job you like.

Relationships pop into the picture in June, and that will continue through June of 2014. This is a much better time for your relationships. If you are single and want to meet someone, the last half of 2013 is perfect for that. If you are involved already, things will lighten up and be more fun. As long as partners are supportive of you and don’t demand too much of your time, this is a very good period for all relationships.


AQUARIUS January 20– February 20
You are finally coming out of the fog of Neptune, the planet of internal exploration and personal retreat, feeling much more grounded and ready to get your life in order. You don’t have to do this all in one year—the next two years will be optimal for getting your life back on track.

Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, persistent, determined, and hard-headed Aquarians enjoy life when it’s not in the constant state of change that has been happening over the last few years. You have not been able to make a decision and really stick with it. The influence of Neptune made you question every potential decision.

Now you are in a much clearer and more resolute time. This is a very career-focused time for you, so it’s time to put yourself out there as an authority figure and take on some position of responsibility. In the past, you looked for places to work that didn’t have too many rules. You found them, but there was a lot of extra drama because of it. Now you’re looking for a place that has a clear set of boundaries.
You are a team player, so you will not be as tolerant with those who don’t take their jobs seriously. You are in a very creative place and you want to make the best use of all of your resources this year. You are interested in efficiency, so you will be eliminating people and things that aren’t very useful. This means you may even eliminate friends out of your life—perhaps the people who don’t want to clean up their drama.

You have a lot of small tasks on your menu this year, and you are setting an agenda to get them done. Along with that, you are updating your communication devices this year. You are usually drawn to the latest gadgets, but you were slow to respond to new technology over the last few years. Now you’re ready to get the best tools available. This can be a fun year to take classes on different subjects. Your mind is really open to new ideas, especially those that help create wealth and long-term security.

You will also be paying more attention to your overall health this year, making changes based on proven strategies that work over the long term.

With the more directed path you are on this year, it’s a good time for some real success in your life. Make sure you choose good mentors with sound judgment, and really listen to what they say—both the good and the bad. The 2013 eclipses fall in your career sector, bringing light to that area of your life. Use that light well.


PISCES February 21– March 20
2013 is a fairly good year for most all of the Mermaids and Mermen. Some of the areas that will be highlighted this year are your communication skills, increasing your creative and artistic side, putting more energy into writing or teaching, and having a larger role in your community.

You had been more vocal during 2012, and that continues into 2013. Normally you don’t like to make waves, but that isn’t holding you back this year. And besides, you think that talking about your problems can make the situation better. You have been exploring your roots, looking more closely into what made you the person you are. Understanding these feelings can really help self-confidence and making more honest choices.

You are in a receptive learning mode and are much more open-minded this year. You have a lot to give. If you are a teacher or a writer, there are some great energies that could help you in publishing. Some of you will be more drawn to teaching others, and that could mean you’ll have more of a leadership position at work.

You are really allowing yourself more freedom than you’ve ever had. You are much better at putting yourself first this year. Others aren’t as pleased, but you don’t have to be resentful about that any more. They are free to deal with their feelings and let you deal with yours.
Groups and organizations could really benefit from your participation. If you are a community-oriented person, getting involved in neighborhood-watch patrols, political activism, or mentoring children could really benefit you personally and financially. The contacts that you are making now will impact your life for the next sixteen years. These contacts can impact your career and increase your opportunities for better positions, better clientele, or just for meeting more people who want to do something with their lives. Any changes you make this year will be well planned, leading to substantial gains in your stability.

And finally, for those of you born February 21 through the 25th, or if you have planets at those degrees, you are in a time of deep personal exploration. It’s a great time for meditation, recharging, getting back to nature, or retiring—but not a great time to be socially active or concerned about your career.


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