Indianapolis council OKs domestic partner benefits


The Indianapolis City-County Council has approved a proposal to provide health-care benefits to the domestic partners of city workers.

The proposal that passed Monday night in a 20-8 vote would offer insurance coverage to both same-sex and heterosexual unmarried couples. Supporters say offering domestic-partner benefits will improve the city’s image with many companies already providing such coverage.

Republican Mayor Gregg Ballard tells The Indianapolis Star┬áhe hasn’t decided whether he’ll veto the measure. Ballard says he would prefer that coverage be provided only to same-sex partners because he believes offering it to heterosexual couples is a “disincentive to marry.”

Council opponents raised concerns about the estimated $200,000 cost and moral implications.

The cities of Bloomington and Carmel and some of Indiana’s universities provide benefits for employees’ same-sex partners.


Associated Press

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