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Red Cat Jazz Café reopens in cool new location downtown

Smooth notes and melodic scatting return to downtown Houston with the reopening of Red Cat Jazz Café. After a brief hiatus, Houston’s iconic jazz club has reopened in a new location with a more intimate, sexier feel that brings a cool New York jazz lounge to the heart of downtown’s nightlife.

Red Cat Jazz Cafe

Red Cat Jazz Café attracts’ top local and national jazz talent to its’ lineup such as, Warren Hill, Ronnie Laws, Stephen Richard, Michael Ward, Theresa Grayson, Jeff Lorber’s trailblazing jazz fusion, Joey Sommerville’s award-winning and internationally acclaimed solos, and Eric Darius’s contemporary sounds.

The new Red Cat Jazz Café, located on Franklin Street is just one block north of the original location and features a more sophisticated, lounge vibe. “The new space is a little cooler, darker and sexier than the original – it has the feel of a real New York-style jazz club. It’s very intimate,” said the club’s longtime owner, Sam Pink. “We’re really happy to be open again downtown.”

Additionally, the new location offers a back patio that calls to mind New Orleans jazz clubs on the bayou. Inside, jazz enthusiasts hear every blue note carefully resonating with world-class acoustics as they sip their drinks in new, cool and intimate setting. Right now, as the new space awaits it’s liquor license, the club is BYOB which makes it one of the best deals for a night out anywhere in the city.

Visit the new Red Cat Jazz Café location at 711 Franklin Street in Downtown Houston, or call (713) 226-7870. The full calendar of performances and events, as well as directions, is available at






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