VIDEO UPDATE: Major Protests at Russian Embassies Worldwide Over Anti-LGBT Law

300,000+ Members Tell St. Petersburg: “Don’t Go There”

Yesterday, lawmakers in St. Petersburg passed a law that would impose fines and punishment for the “promotion of homosexuality.” The bill, if signed by Governor Poltavchenko will criminalize reading, writing, speaking or reporting on anything related to gay, lesbian bi or trans (LGBT) people. Pride parades, literature, theater, or NGOs that openly serve LGBT people will be criminalized, and pushed underground. On Tuesday, members were joined by dozens of human rights organizations around the world in demonstrations at Russian embassies in Argentina (Buenos Aires), USA (New York), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin and Hamburg), Italy (Milan), Portugal (Lisbon), Belgium (Antwerp) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)., a community of almost a million people around the world fighting for full equality, made a little video to send the Governor a message. Pass this law – We Won’t Go There.



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Greg Jeu

Greg Jeu is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of OutSmart Magazine.

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