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U of H Names Director for LGBT Resource Center

Lorraine Schroeder, MA, LPC, has been named program director of the University of Houston’s new LGBT Resource Center.

Lorraine Schroeder

“I am delighted that UH has decided to take the positive step of creating an LGBT Resource Center,” says Schroeder, who is also a learning strategies counselor and administrator of learning support services at the university. “It allows us to not only offer support to our LGBT students, staff, and faculty, but it helps expand the culture of inclusion, acceptance, and tolerance on campus. We know that when students feel connected and part of the campus community, they are more likely to graduate. I am honored to be a part of a program that will clearly have a positive impact on the success of our LGBT students.”

The new center aims to educate campus and community constituencies on LGBT issues through programming about sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, advocacy, leadership, and visibility. The LGBT Resource Center also collaborates with student organizations, campus departments, and local community organizations to provide students with access to resources, activities, and support services.

Schroeder says the university as a whole seems to embrace the concept of a resource center for its LGBT student body. “All the responses I have heard are positive. Most importantly, students are already using the center even though we are just getting started. This just speaks to the need students have for support and connection to the university.”

Schroeder cites two reasons for inviting anyone from Houston’s LGBT community, not just UH’s LGBT students, to the center’s grand opening. “First, UH has always been a vital part of the city of Houston. I think our citizens feel connected to UH and are interested in what we have to offer our students, especially because many of our students are from Houston.

“Second,” Schroeder continues, “since I have a small operating budget, I will have to do some fundraising to implement some of the programs. I want any potential donors to know that they will be supporting programs that are effective and will help our LGBT students become successful members of the Houston community.”

One of those resources is a lending library of books and DVDs.

“Grand opening attendees can be part of the creation of this library by bringing new or used books or DVDs to the event,” Schroeder says. “All donors who wish to be identified [can have their name printed] on the inside cover of the book or DVD. It’s going to be great!”

University of Houston’s LGBT Resource Center is located in Room 279C of the University Center, in the same building as its Women’s Resource Center. For more information: facebook.com/UH.LGBT.RC.

—Nancy Ford


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