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Even in the face of adversity, nothing stops Regina Dane.

Regina Dane (photo by Alex Rosa for OutSmart )

Ain’t no stiletto high enough or blouse cut low enough to keep a determined drag queen from the stage. In Regina Dane’s case, not even a broken back could sideline this seasoned trouper. After suffering a broken vertebra this year, she endured surgery and two hospital stays. Yet, as soon as she was in the clear she was lighting up the clubs and back to her shenanigans raising money for charity while entertaining the masses. That’s perseverance in its truest form.

All of the above. I come from a different generation where he, she, girl, and sister were interchangeable. I have friends who call me Regina even when I’m out of drag. I’m not sure they know or remember my given name.

Native Houstonian.

Inner avatar?
I tell everyone I’m a true Gemini. I definitely have two personalities—one in drag, and one out. These twins are fraternal opposites, and absolutely not identical.

Discuss your charity work.
This year, I am celebrating 30 years of dedication to charity community fundraising. I was Empress 9 of ERSICSS, and we’re currently on Reign 36. You do the math! In 2011, I received a proclamation from Mayor Annise Parker honoring my fundraising efforts. At that time, I had helped raise over a million dollars for local nonprofit organizations. In October, I was Legacy Community Health’s Mint Julep 2020 honoree during their virtual show. I am also a charter member of PWA Holiday Charities, and I continue to help them raise funds to lift the hearts of those in need during the holidays and throughout the year.

#TeamDonnaSummer or #TeamCher?
I grew up on disco! I adore Cher, but I will always be #TeamDonnaSummer.

Inspiration behind the name?
Regina is the Latin word for “queen.” Dane has a twofold meaning. My given family name is Danish in origin, and when I started doing shows, Taylor Dayne was my favorite artist to perform. I took the Y out because I didn’t want to be obvious.

Guilty pleasure?
Tacos. Anyone who comes to my show knows how much I love tacos.

Who or what would you be
reincarnated as?

My inspiration has always been the glamorous Hollywood icons, and most especially Elizabeth Taylor. It would be fantastic to be a celebrity dripping in fashion.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
Once while hosting a show, I got stuck in a trash can that was being used as a tip bucket. And during a LUEY weekend parody skit, I consumed the majority of a dozen cream-filled doughnuts.

Drag icons?
Before I started doing drag, I went to shows at The Copa and sat on the floor to watch The Fabulous Four. Naomi Sims, Tasha Kohl, Donna Day, and Hot Chocolate will always be icons to me.

Holiday traditions?
For the last 10 years, I have been hosting the PWA Holiday Charities Christmas Show. This year, I am presenting a show on Sunday, December 13, at Tony’s Corner Pocket called A Very Special Christmas: An Intimate Holiday Celebration. Please check out my Facebook event page for more details and information about our virtual broadcast of the event.

Thoughts as we wrap up 2020?
Is it over yet? I’m ready to just breathe—and not in a panicked, stressed-out way.

When we’re not socially distancing, where can people see Regina perform?
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at Tony’s Corner Pocket. Regina’s Sexy Sundays have been going strong for almost eight years.

For more Regina and her Chritsmas Show fundraiser:

This article appears in the December 2020 edition of OutSmart magazine.


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