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Behind the Bar: April 2019

David Truong, JR's Bar & Grill

David Truong

What is your favorite shot to make? To drink?
To make: Sour Watermelon Shot with Tajín spice on the rim.

Where is your favorite place to drink when not on duty?
JR’s or Eagle or Guava Lamp

What are you best known for?
I’m best known for my accent and funny personality.

What are the best and worst holidays to work? Why?
Best: Halloween, because it’s fun and people are in a great mood.
Worst: Valentine’s Day, because of all the lonely hearts I have to talk to all night!

Who are the hardest customers to please?
The ones who like certain drinks at other bars and they don’t know the recipe.

If you weren’t a bartender…what career would you choose?
I’d like to be a photographer because I can be creative and capture all of  life’s beautiful

Do you have any pets?
Yes, one lady pug named Lola.

Wednesdays & Fridays 8p-2a; Thursdays 6p-2a; Sunday 9p-2a.

JR’s Bar & Grill
808 Pacific St.


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