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PeeShyBy Frank Spinelli
Reviewed by Angel Curtis

Frank Spinelli was sexually abused by his Scoutmaster, a decorated police officer and trusted community “hero,” from the time he was 11 until he was 13. Once he told the truth about the abuse, every person in his life betrayed him—both the adults he trusted and the peers he depended on. This left him often depressed, sometimes distanced, and painfully pee-shy. After he had become a doctor living in Manhattan, Spinelli was told his abuser had died. Seeking closure, he went online to find the obituary. What he found was not only that his abuser was still alive, but that he had written a book detailing his adoption of 15 boys. Pee-Shy details Spinelli’s work to make sure his abuser was charged, convicted, and sent to prison. This is a beautiful story, well told, that I hope will give abuse victims some comfort that, even after many years, justice can still happen. Kensington Books (


Angel Curtis

Angel Curtis is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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