The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks

At an exclusive private school, three friends are the outcasts of their class. Constantly in trouble with the school, bullied by other students, and never getting the girls they want, they long to be in with the in-crowd. When a new student, the mysterious and good-looking Luc arrives on campus, they are given the chance to transform their lives. Luc initiates the three friends in a warlock ritual; in return, they gain the popularity and respect they never dreamed possible. After watching his friends commit a series of crimes, the third friend starts to figure out that Luc is after something much more from him and his friends—he’s after their souls. • This is not really a “gay” film; however, it is extremely homoerotic. • The television broadcast of The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks airs on DIRECTV Channel 170 , here! Pay-Per-View ( Held over in January: P.S. Your Cat Is Dead with Steve Guttenberg and Friends and Family. —Troy Carrington


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