2010 Astrocast

Lilly Roddy
Lilly Roddy

The stars await you in the new year…

by Lilly Roddy • Illustrations by David Eduardo Flores Perez • Photo of Lilly Roddy by John Conroy

OVERVIEW: This is an especially interesting year with several of the outer planets changing signs in 2010. What this means for you is that the environment that you are living in is in a constant state of change. With that, we will not feel very stable, especially during May, June, and July. So best to assume that things are supposed to be unsettled rather than wondering why they are aren’t calm.

Those of you born between the 20th and 23rd of March, June, September, and December will be under the most stress this year. This summer may prove a turning point for many of you. All the important things, including career and relationships, will be up for change or renewal. Many of you will be feeling the stress, and that may affect your health if you keep that bottled up.

Of course this will continue to keep the economic picture unstable. I suspect that the Dow will be moving up through April, with a particularly sharp rise in mid January, and then begin a downward motion in April and May. Watch for the market to be crazy in June, ups and downs, but in July the Dow begins to stabilize. We should see a slow and steady growth in the Dow for the rest of the year with very few ups or drops.

President Obama starts the year with Mars, planet of action and confrontation, retrograde in his sign of Leo. This will mean that we will see a lot of sputtering about sending troops in. There is likely to be a lot of criticism until after March 15th. We will still move forward, but there is likely to be more infighting between the Congress and president over Afghanistan and Iraq. President Obama will be far past his White House honeymoon.

For those who keep up with Mercury retrograde dates, Mercury usually goes retrograde about three times a year; but this year, the universe tries to slip an extra one in. Mercury retrograde is a time to look back, consider what you have started, and take care of things that have been left undone. It is a good time to go see old friends or visit places you have been before, but it is never a good time to start a new project. As January OutSmart is being delivered, Mercury is retrograde and goes direct on January 20. The next Mercury retrograde dates are April 13 through May 15, August 16 through September 15, and finally, December 6, 2010 through January 3, 2011.

There is one other retrograde and that is Venus, October 1 through November 23. Venus retrograde is a time to examine our values both about how we see ourselves and what we like in others. This is often a time of relationship crisis, but still a time to see causes for the problems. This will most affect those of you born in Libra and Scorpio.



Aries (March 21–April 19)

Being one of the four cardinal signs, this is a pivotal year for many of you rams, and especially those of you born in the earliest days of the sign, March 21st through the 24th. For all of you born under the sign of Aries, this will be a time when you are really evaluating many things in you life, trying to decide just what you are going to keep and what you are going to get rid of.

Jupiter, planet of growth and optimism, is in a position to really encourage your interest in spiritual development. Some of you will be using this energy to get away from the madding crowd. Others might be using it to do some volunteer work in one of your favorite charities. This will increase your interaction with your coworkers and clients throughout the year as well. By summer, you will have lots of extra energy, and you may find yourself interested in travel, going back to school, or taking on some large project for your work. You may run out of motivation after September, but you will regain that drive after the end of January 2011.

Saturn, planet of clarity and future plans, enters your relationship arena this year. Whether or not you are presently in a relationship, this is the year for you to look at how your relationship structure is working. Some of you will be looking to renew your existing relationship and setting new long-term goals. For others, this can mean the end of a relationship. For those who are single, this is a very good time for beginning a partnership since you are very serious about your intent and won’t get involved with anyone who is not serious. Saturn will also give you cause to consider your current career path with the expectation that you are looking for a new leadership position or a promotion. If you are not appreciated where you work, you will be looking elsewhere. And your tolerance for people’s dramas will be non-existent.

Uranus is having a big impact on those of you born in the first two days of the sign or those of you who have planets there. First, you can expect that you will be needing something to ignite your passion about the things you are involved in; otherwise, you will be feeling bored or trapped in your current situation. Any person or idea that limits your expression will have you twisting and turning and trying to get away from their repressive grip. This will be the strongest for you in the summer. You may not sleep well and your brain will be very restless and hard to satisfy. Some will totally alter their plans and consider leaving their current career—and possibly even their relationship—to start something entirely different. Don’t make commitments this year that make you feel limited or restricted. You will not be able to fulfill them.

Especially for those of you born April 15th through the 19th or have planets at these degrees, Neptune will have you reexamining the groups you associate with. You need to really address your emotional and spiritual and global needs. You may lose contact with some friends this year as you drift apart. You are looking for more emotionally intimate relationships with friends. You will have a hard time trusting those who don’t open up.

Pluto’s influence will be strongest for those of you born March 22nd through the 26th or who have planets at those degrees. You are certainly in a major clean-out process. This will probably have its impact on your career or the things that you associate with your career. Get your résumé updated and start looking at how you can express yourself in a more open and powerful way. Some of you will go though mergers, buyouts, and acquisitions. Better to keep a job rather than a career during this year.



Taurus (April 20–May 20)

With Jupiter making its way into your solar 11th house, this will be an excellent year for networking, meeting and keeping new friends, and joining in fellowship in your community. A lot of the work you did last year as a starter is now ready to be taken to the next level. You will be able to get more help and support on any project—work or home. If you can make more contact with people from different cultures or countries, this will help you expand your consciousness. This can be a great time for business if you are trying to reach overseas markets. Be prepared to take a leadership role in a group if you are asked.

Saturn is visiting your solar 6th house of work and health routines. Saturn’s intent is always to look at what’s there, keep it if it works, improve it if you can, or find something new that works. This year, maintaining the existing conditions and environment won’t work. You will have to do some improving. This is an excellent year to pay attention to your health, ultimately examining your health and exercise habits and improving them. If you don’t address the health issues that come up, they will resurface in July and potentially worsen. This is a good year for you to examine all your habits and root out the bad ones. Be cautious of new job titles that don’t come with the money or the power.

Uranus is opening your mind up about spirituality and the search for a deeper meaning in life. You will be finding new friends this year as well. They will be different from the friends that you have attracted in the past in that they will be more open minded. Those current friends who do not open up could be disappearing from your life. You certainly are more creative, and you are finding it easier to come up with new ideas. If you are in an event-planning business or social-support firm, this will be a great business year for you. New people will be introducing you to a wider view of spirituality. Most of this will happen unexpectedly.

Neptune is trudging her way through your career sector and is most intensely affecting those of you born May 15th through the 19th or with planets at those degrees. For those of you affected, you will be confused about and questioning your career path. You should feel the push from Neptune to engage more of your creativity and express that “art” side of you. Neptune pushes us to explore and not commit. So this year can feel unstable to you since you are not able to come up with a clear answer about your career direction until February 2011. So, relax and enjoy the exploration.

Pluto is opening your mind and can really help with taking classes, shifting career, or looking to relocate in a different area—or even in a different country. Those of you most influenced were born April 21st through the 24th. You may use this energy to open your mind and deal with hidden prejudices. You may find that people that you once got along well with, culturally and politically, seem off base to you. You are looking for more open-minded people. This can be very helpful if you are in a training program or are teaching others. If you have to deal with the law or courts this year, you will come out the winner.



Gemini (May 21–June 21)

As Jupiter enters your career sector this year, you can expect a lot of activity in this area of your life. Opportunities for advancement are opening up. If you are looking for the time to change companies or start your own endeavor, this is a good year for you. Look for positive signals from foreign contacts, especially if you are in the oil and gas sector. These gains will be here for about a year. By the middle of the year, you will be involved in more networking groups and taking your ideas to a larger audience. This very same energy is also good for socializing and meeting fun new people.

Family struggles have finally eased up with Saturn giving you a little breathing room till next April. Use this time to make some good inroads with your family of origin. You will find that solutions to many problems are coming along more easily. Your creative skills are flowing more easily and looking for a way to express themselves. Some of you may be drawn to working more with children, with a stronger desire to take a more active role in parenting. Some issues may creep back up April through July. You may have to pay more attention to your work at this time, and you won’t be able to give your creative expression as much time. But resolution follows by September.

For those of you born the 18th through the 20th or with planets in those positions, your career position is in a more unsettled situation. You are wanting something that really calls to your passion. Uranus’s influence will keep you wanting to do something that keeps you mentally in the present. It could be that where you work is more and more crazy, and you are just not able to deal with it. Every day, you feel more and more restricted. So the message is that your inner child is hungry for a different menu. This feeling of restriction will be especially strong near the end of April. Look for some big news about the family during that time.

Many of you are more open minded about spirituality and religion since Neptune has been hanging around your sign. She is paying more attention to those of you born the 16th through the 20th of June or those of you with planets at those degrees. You seem to be more at ease with hearing and understanding differing points of view and finding a way to integrate them it into a reasonable picture that has all things included. Much of this expanded awareness comes as you have been looking past your early-life explanation of the workings of the universe. Enjoy.

Many of you are having to take a good look at your financial situations, particularly those of you born May 22nd through the 25th or who have planets at those degrees. This is a time when you are purging yourself of old economic issues that may have their origins with your family socialization. This is the time to deal with your fear of dependency and why you tend to attract those that who can’t offer the support you really seek. Lots of things can help—financial planning, more conservative investments, and therapy. But the good news is that this will really fix it.


Cancer (June 22–July 22)

This is a big year of change for the Moon kids, and this trend will continue for the next few years. Some of you are already feeling the affects and others are just getting that strange ticking sensation. You are being more intellectually stimulated this year, and many of you will want to take some continuing-education classes or even go back to school. Others may become the teachers instead of the students. With Jupiter making it all the way to your career sector by birthday time, you could be very busy with new projects for work. Don’t lose faith if some of the opportunities fade by September, as they will return in November. There could be some opportunities for writing or publishing this year.

Building a firm foundation is certainly strong on your list this year. With Saturn making her way through your home and family sector, you are called to address this area and look at the work that needs to be done. Some of you will find that you will have to do some house repairs this year. Some of this could be very evident by March. Personal relationships are also playing a very big role in your life this year. This is closely tied to your own sense of emotional foundation. Engaging your partner’s advice and point of view can have several good outcomes for you both. This will be a year when you take care of the past and put it to bed.

Those of you born in the earliest days of the sign, June 21st through the 23rd, or those with planets at those degrees may feel a need to start a business. You are really feeling that you have something that you want to do, and you are not finding the right outlet for yourself at this time. This will also indicate some shifts with your parents. If they are older, they may be retiring or making some major moves in their lives. You will not be very patient and will want to make the best use of your time, not wasting any. You may seem more abrupt than usual.

A bit more reclusive than usual, those of you born July 16th through the 19th or those with planets at those degrees are wanting to spend more time alone in your own thoughts or only with people that you feel a genuine connection to. Some of you may be seeking that in your current relationship and notice that there is some depth to your connection that you are missing. You may not feel very sexually driven at this time and may feel that you are looking for the “soul mate” or at least a deeper sense of understanding between you and your partner. Some may take this as a signal to live a more monastic life.

Finally, those of you born June 24th through the 28th or with planets at those degrees are taking apart your relationships and trying to clean them up. You will notice you have outgrown some people or they were never really right for you, but you choose to settle. With others, you will only have to get the upgrade to make the connections better than ever. But you are not doing things the same as before. This can be a difficult time if your partnerships are not doing well. Pluto will push them to resolution, with or without your participation. Take more of an active role and give yourself to the introspection.


Leo (July 23–August 22)

As Jupiter makes his way through your solar 8th and 9th houses, you will have plenty to consider. Initially, you will feel a stronger desire to increase the emotional and physical intimacy in your romantic relationships. Even if you are single and dating, you will be expecting more from those you date. More and more, you will want to know about their greater depths. On some level, this is about a meeting of the minds between you and other people you include in your versions of relationships. Even business relationships will improve during this year. By the summer, you will be feeling a bit lighter and more playful and may really want to get away, maybe take a vacation. Relationships reenter the picture in September.

You’ve been working on getting your finances in order since last year, and this year you will get to enjoy the benefits of all that organizing. You are more careful about what you say to others and may even feel a bit more guarded. For some, this will be a year when you clean up the space that you live and work in every day. You will want to have a more organized life space. Overall, you will be taking life more seriously, but not in a negative way. Younger family members may be calling on you and needing your expertise. This is a very good year to buy a car if you need to.

For those of you born August 18th through the 22nd or who have planets at those degrees, you will be facing some real awakening about your relationships and the levels of intimacy and honesty that are being shown to you. Uranus is more a slap in the face than a gentle nudge. On the internal level, this is about your own detachment and how you attract people that are sometimes very sexually distant. For those of you born July 23rd though the 24th or who have planets at those degrees, you are moving into a very playful time in your life. The main theme is expanding your current horizons. You may also find some challenges to your belief systems, but you will be keeping an open mind.

Specifically for those of you born August 18th through the 21st or with planets at those degrees, this is a very unsettling year for relationships. Many of you will be questioning existing relationships and wanting more time to yourself. Others may find your partners seeming depressed or withdrawn. You may have to accept this as a time of questioning and not look to finding answers but what generates the feelings. This is a time of understanding and acceptance. For some, you will find that some of the problems that are in your relationships are too large to change, and you may have to go your separate ways.

It is time to clean up the work and health aspects of your life for those of you born July 25th through the 28th or who have planets at those degrees. Many of you will be feeling an urge to purge yourself of negative health behaviors. Many of you will really be hitting the diet and exercise programs in 2010. The best part is getting positive results that give you even more motivation. Be prepared for a shift in office procedures. They may be working on the building itself or redoing the computer system. Either way, it will be a mess and worse in the summer.


Virgo (August 23–September 22)

With Jupiter entering your relationship sector for the next year, this will help to improve existing relationships or bring a relationship to you if you are single. This is also a very good indicator to go into business with a partner. It would show a common mind and a genuine sense of good will. It will certainly activate your desire to travel and possibly study in greater detail some hobby that you have. By summer, you be wanting to explore much more with your partner. Sexual energies will be good, especially for an out-of-town adventure. Watch that you don’t overdo your commitments, as you will have greater desires than you have the ability to finish.

Saturn is entering the money sector of your zodiac. This is the warm-up call that this is the time to get your financial picture in order. The stuff could hit the fan if you wait until summer. You still may have to get it cleaned up at that time, but there could be a deadline imposed by a source outside you. Another approach is to consider your personal resources and talents and figure out a better way to make them work for you. Psychologically, this is a time to look at self-worth and self-esteem issues. You may not have been giving yourself enough credit or sticking up for yourself when others take credit for your work.

Relationships are at a crossroads for those of you born September 19th through the 22nd or those of you who have planets in those degrees; Uranus is sending you a wake-up call. Positive change must occur or your relationship will be coming to an end. Certainly you are feeling a need for a clear and positive message that each of you are living in the present and actively engaging in each other’s life. Even in a relationship that is doing well, you will feel the need to have an upgrade to keep it from slipping into the doldrums of routine. This can also indicate attracting a totally different kind of person into your life. And for those of you with commitment issues, this can be a time to really address that in your life. April could be a very testy time for your partnerships.

Some of you have been wanting to escape from your work or responsibilities. It seems that co-workers or clients demands are just too much for you at this time. Hiding out or avoiding the contact may solve the immediate problem, but it only creates bad will and brings out desertion issues with you and with those around you. So keep the conversation open and clear, and people will be a lot more willing to listen to your story. Neptune makes these issues most strongly felt by those of you born September 18th through the 22nd or with planets at those degrees.

For those born August 25th through the 28th or with planets at those degrees, Pluto, planet of intensity and power, activates your creative urges and plugs you into a desire to bring your creative desires into physical form. No longer will that just be ideas that need some effort, but goals that give you a sense of rebirth. For some of you, this will be your time to explore your childhood to find out the blocks in your creativity and the release of those blocks. Some with children will see their little darlings expressing themselves in a powerful but controlled manner. Their self-discipline will be very strong, and you may have to focus more energy on your own revitalization.


Libra (September 23–October 23)

Libra is one of the four cardinal signs, cardinal meaning active and leadership-oriented energy. You are going through some dramatic changes this year. Your whole view of yourself and how relationships are supposed to be is going through major changes. Initially, your work routine is going to be very, very busy in 2010 and could be more than you want to handle during the summer. You will not be the especially patient and normally polite person you like to imagine yourself to be. For those of you who want some increased social activity, with Jupiter’s help, this will come from your work environment. Be careful that your boss doesn’t take advantage of your agreeable nature and give you more work than you can handle.

With Saturn entering your sign for the next two years, you have already found that your demeanor is more serious and that you don’t want others wasting your time. You will be eliminating those people from your interactions. You are also into a serious review of what you have done and where you are headed for in the next major growth phase in your life. You will be bringing some of your activities to a close as you are ending a cycle that you started seven years ago. This will represent a time of reexamining your career choice and truly considering whether you want to continue on your current path. Some of you will retire and others will look for a different playgroup in a need to make an impact on the planet.

For those of you born October 19th though the 23rd or with planets at those degrees, you will be looking at changing job locations and upgrading your health and exercise programs. A part of you is bored with life, and you really need something different to make life more exciting. You can’t decide what to do, so you just try anything. You are not in a place to make a commitment, so it doesn’t matter. Just change your routines. Those of you born September 23rd and 24th may experience some real turmoil in your relationship. This is especially true if you are feeling trapped by your partner’s demands. The summer will be a trigger time for this.

With Neptune positively influencing those of you born October 19th through the 22nd or with planets at those degrees, you are enjoying a burst of creative energy. This can be such a good time to put your ideas and thoughts in a journal or blog. You seem to have a good feel for what makes people feel significant and special. You may be able to make money on this idea of politeness and your work environment. You seem more playful than usual, and kids will be drawn to your open nature. Take some time out to play this year.

Those of you born September 25th through the 28th or with planets at these degrees are looking at massive change in your home environment. For some this could be moving, buying a house, or downsizing what you have—but ultimately getting that part of your life manageable. This means the cutting of the umbilical cord of your past. There could be separations with family members and especially older family members. Clear up the past as you may not have the chance to address this again.


Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

With an emphasis on creative and spiritual endeavors, this year will be one of a bit slower pace and more time for personal reflection. If you have children, they will be growing up more this year and wanting to take on a life of their own. This is also true for businesses or projects that you have started. You will be able to sit back some and allow things to run themselves. This will open the door for you to look into expanding your hobbies or other outside interests. With Jupiter continuing to make her presence known in the summer, you are inspired with a new project. You will take some time to develop it but it will stimulate the people around you.

Another emphasis in your life is the review of your core spiritual beliefs and how you can apply them more and more to your daily existence. You may be drawn not only to a more refined spiritual practice, but there will be more focus on daily health and living a good life. You will also find yourself doing more volunteer work or helping out in healthcare facilities. Groups and organizations will be calling for your time April through July, so watch your boundaries. Overall, a better health program that includes having more peaceful work environments is a good goal to strive for.

Those of you born November 17th through the 21st or who have planets at those degrees are more active and looking for ways to bring something fun and interesting into your lives. This might also show up, initially, as you feeling bored or just “done” with a lot of your previous activities. You are certainly not ready for routines or having to follow much of an agenda. For those of you with children, this could show up as them becoming more rebellious or independent. For some, it’s just your inner child wanting to get out and play. If you have children, don’t let them have all the fun. Be your own rebel.

Family struggles are still highlighted for those of you born November 17th through the 20th or with planets in those degrees. These issues are more about your family of origin than your immediate family. If your parents are older, this could be a tough time for you. This is also another part that is driving this spiritual search that you are on. This is hampering your ability to make any really clear choices since you are seeing the world differently and recognizing that you have a lot more choices than you thought you did.

Your planetary ruler, Pluto, planet of empowerment and expressions of personal power, is entering your zodiacal area that stresses communication and a watchfulness about daily life and existence. This will be strongest for those of you born October 25th through the 28th or with planets at those degrees. Initially, you are more cautious about what you say and how your thoughts and ideas are formed. You could say that you are going to analyze the way you think and process the data you take in every day. Some of you could be feeling some sense of being overwhelmed with information. Look for innovative ways to improve that process around you.



Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

With your ruler, Jupiter, entering Pisces, you are going to be interested in moving or improving the old home place. Your home could become more of a social center as friends feel more and more inclined to be included in your life. This is also an excellent year to improve relationships with any estranged family members. Most of you are going to be willing to meet on some common ground. For all of you, expect your workload to pick up. It will be very strong during the first half of the year. You will really want a break in July and August. By September, your demands pick up and you are pushing.

Some of this could be especially demanding April through June. This is Saturn talking to you. Initially as the year begins, you are reviewing your group associations and what you are getting back from your involvement, and you will be cutting back your attendance if they don’t live up to your standards. You may also become more of a mentor to some in the group as you bring up new folks through the ranks. By the late spring, your focus shifts to your career and how well your plans are working. In the fall, you focus on your friendships or lack of them.

Some of you born December 17th through the 21st and those with planets at these degrees are much more anxious to move and are ready to really downsize your life and some of the responsibilities you have taken on. This year you are more concerned about living in the present and being happy with what you have, rather than trying to push your self up the ladder. For some, this could be a time of leaving your current occupation and turning your avocation into your career. You are certainly looking for something more exciting to do. Relationships with family members will be tense. Give yourself some space.

With your psychic sensitivity turned up, you are picking up on what people are thinking and feeling more easily. This information is not overwhelming you, but you are finding ways to put it to good use. Your imagination is very stimulated. You may be finding solutions to things that you didn’t even know you knew about. This is especially strong for those of you born December 18th through the 20th or those who have planets at these degrees. Be careful to not put yourself in situations that are emotionally stressful; you will not be at your best to handle it.

A review of your financial picture is at hand, and you are certainly ready to get that part of your life into shape. First, you get rid of any old debts or problems that you have successfully avoided; some of these may be things that you were not aware of. On the psychological level, this represents an ability to have more conscious choice about where our real sense of value comes from. You may be expunging some old family programming that has continued to run in the background as you worked to feel some sense of financial security. This is strongest for those of you born November 24th through the 27th or with planets at those degrees. Just make sure you are in charge of the judging.


Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

With Jupiter making his way into your solar 3rd house of communication, unconscious habit patterns, and early life relationships, you are being made more aware of how you interface with the world. You will certainly want to improve the way you get your message across to others. Some of you may be more inclined to go back to school and continue your education. Of course, there has to be some real rewards gained from engaging in any endeavor. You may also want to get a new car or improve your existing transportation. You may want to check into blogging or putting out a newsletter. You certainly have something to say.
Saturn, your ruling planet, has entered your career sector and will be visiting there for the next two years. Many of you will be reviewing what you have accomplished in the past and just where you want to set your new goals. Initially, you may not feel as appreciated at your work, and at the same time you may want to improve your station in life. You are looking for some sort of promotion or title. If you don’t get that recognition that you are seeking, you will be looking elsewhere. Even the terribly conservative part of you will not have the patience to keep you safe. Your patience begins to run out by mid March and will have disappeared by July. Try to get a plan and act before that time.

Some of you are really on the cutting edge of thinking and finding solutions and ways around things without the struggle. Some of you are really changing your health habits and eating much better than before. You are more honest with people when you talk to them and are willing to hear what others have to say even if you don’t agree with what they are saying. This will be strongest for those of you born January 16th through the 19th or those with planets at those degrees. Watch your patience in dealing with siblings or other people from your early youth. You will not be patient with them.

Money concerns and how to use the talents that you have in a more productive way is certainly strong for those of you born January 16th through the 18th. You are not sure of the direction you would like to commit to, and this is making you feel very ungrounded. This is more of an exploratory time than a time for you to make a commitment to a particular direction. But you are more clear with what you don’t want to do. Let that be your guide in terms of choices, eliminating what doesn’t work and leaving alone that which is working. Final decisions can be made later—and later will be in February 2011.

Pluto is slowly making her way through your sign. She entered there in 2008. Eventually she will be visiting all the rest of the sign over the next 14 years. So if she is not there now, she will be. Those who are the most affected were born December 23rd through the 26th or have planets at those degrees. This is your personal time for your cosmic enema. Let go of what’s not working—no matter how familiar—and you will be better sooner. All aspects of your life are up for elimination at this time, from the colors you wear to your career, your family, and even your partner. Things are very tense during the summer. Count to 100 before you take action. Your impulses will be running you.


Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

You should be expecting your financial situation to improve this year. You will be making money from writing and publication, teaching, or ventures involving people from different countries. Despite the fact that you are an intellectual giant, your overall message is to make the planet a better place to live for you and others. If you play the stock market, this is a good year for you to invest; you will make money on your investments. The market will be down from April to June, so don’t let that throw you. If you are an individual business owner, it is a good time to raise your prices; if you work for someone, it is a good time to seek a raise. By summer you are going to be more talkative than ever.

Saturn is making her way through your solar 9th house of travel, higher education, and people from different cultures. This is a good year to get your thoughts and ideas in order and consider putting them down on paper and getting them published. You will also be more critical of your religious beliefs, finding more holes than you had seen in the past. You are more open minded when it comes to finding new ways to manage your belief systems. You want something that is more applicable on earth and in heaven. Don’t be surprised this year as you become more focused on the border issues and the immigration problem.

This is a good year for you to look into new technology as a way for you to make money this year. You are seeing ways to connect and use things that have slipped the view of others. As you work in this inspired fashion, your ideas will be definitely out of the box. Don’t try to be too patient with people if they can’t really help you. You can trust your intuition about people and you don’t have to wait for definitive proof that you are right. This is especially strong for those of you born February 15th through the 18th or if you have planets there. Slow down a bit; you have more time than you think.

And for those of you born February 15th through the 17th or with planets at those degrees, you are on your spiritual pilgrimage. You are looking for something that fills you up from the inside out and not the other way around. Many of you are just hiding out and waiting for things to get better so you can act and feel safer about those choices. You will be done with your pilgrimage in February 2011, so there is an end to this. I would encourage you to explore and figure out what really makes you happy to be here on the planet and something that gives your life meaning.

A revolution is taking place in your views about psychic energy, past lives, and the idea of a higher being. Some of you will seek out a whole new place to find like-minded souls. Initially, you are finding that much of what you were asked to believe doesn’t make sense to you now, and you are ready to confront this. You have always known it, but you didn’t feel that you had the power or the intelligence to address the question as honestly as you now are able to. You will also be able to easily see though others’ agendas; not all are seeing as well as you. This is strongest for those of you born January 22nd through the 25th.


Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Not often do I get to say that, for most of the mermen and merwomen, this is going to be a good and busy year. Jupiter, your original ruler, moves into your sign to spend just about a year. You can expect to have a more optimistic attitude about life. Things more easily go your way, and you will be plenty busy and have a lot more social contacts than you’ve had in several years. Pace yourself, or during the late spring you will find out how much you have overloaded yourself. You will get a handle on it by no later than June, but take care with how much you commit to. You really want to help, but you could easily overload your schedule and stress your physical body. This is a great time to date or meet someone new. It is also good for existing relationships, as it helps to make things smoother.

You have been working on establishing a good line of communication with people in your life and especially those people with whom you have a commitment. You wanted it to be durable so you could go do a deeper level of truth. This year you are looking at the blocks in your life that don’t allow you to go deeper emotionally with your partner and with your partners in the past. You will remove this block before the year is up. You are not very coddling with your attitude this year. Some of this is happening because you are getting what you want, and that is to be closer to your partner. You don’t have a lot of experience there and so it feels tense sometimes, and you really want to bolt. Resist the urge and stay and talk.

Uranus, planet of reinvention and revolution, is making her final stay in your sign, not to return for another 84 years. Those whom she is impacting the most were born March 16th through the 19th or with planets at those degrees.  Relationships could be more tense if they are not improving this year. Some of you may just want out and find that you wake up one day and realize how tired you are of feeling trapped and just leave. It may seem abrupt, but those around you should have known something was wrong. You are looking for someone very open minded.

Those of you born March 15th though the 18th or who have planets at those degrees are also looking at what you really believe in. Many of you can’t figure out just exactly what that is. Hence, you may seem a bit more agnostic or questioning. Some things are being revealed about your belief system that has caused you to really doubt or disbelieve what you believed in the past. Wait till this is done in February 2011, and your thoughts will be clear. You are more creative at this time, and combining technology and art could be a great thing for you to do this year.

Pluto has entered your 11th house of friends and groups. This is calling for a clean-out of people who are not really your friends or people whom you had to play the rescuer for. This year you are only helping those who lead their own cause and not waiting for you to do that. Some organizations that you belong to may come to an end this year as well as some outlets for the work you do. You may need to look elsewhere for groups to connect to. They are changing, and you are not sure you want to be around for the process, but rather only for the results. This is strongest for those of you born February 21st through the 25th or for those of you who have planets at those degrees.

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Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy has been an Astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters as well as teaches classes in Astrology. She is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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