OutFront: January 2007

Outfront0107The Gospel of Leatherbäl.

HELL BENT FOR LEATHERBÄL. Every band has a unique genesis. The industrial metal band Leatherbäl began, “as a joke, really,” explains the genderqueer, openly lesbian vocalist Naomi Toledo (pictured, left). Then founder Troy Goodrich (right) brought in an acquaintance to lay a drum track. The joke evolved into a studio project when other artists recorded vocal samples. “Then I came along and ruined the whole thing by turning his hobby into something people would take seriously,” Toledo says with a laugh.

Toledo, who has fronted other bands for the fun of it, is one of those people taking Leatherbäl seriously. “I’m more passionate about this band than anything I’ve ever done,” she says. ” I am vocals, he’s guitar/bass/keys/programming.  We’re basically a power duo in the studio that’ll bring in additional musicians as we start playing live.”

Leatherbäl recently released an EP, The Fetish Gospels, and is booking gigs for 2007. Check out the band site leatherbal.com, for details and Leatherbäl gear.

–Eric A.T. Dieckman


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