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Our astrology maven Lilly Roddy forecasts 2005.

by Lilly Roddy

Astrologer Lilly Roddy

This year is filled with the normal amount of planetary activity. We have our three traditional Mercury-retrograde periods: March 20 through April 12, July 23 through August 16, and November 14 through December 4. You should always give yourself two days before and after those dates to take in the full retrograde period. Mercury-retrograde periods are moments to re-view the past, finish old pro-jects, and clean out things. One should never start new endeavors, buy electrical or automotive products, or sign important documents at these times.

There are also the two eclipse periods. The first eclipse is on April 8 with the New Moon in Aries (solar) and on May 19 with the Full Moon in Scorpio (lunar). This eclipse is about valuing the aspect of individuality within a relationship. Many people may feel unappreciated during this eclipse. The second eclipse is on October 3 in Libra (solar) and on October 17 in Aries (lunar). This eclipse will reveal the inequities and imbalances in relationships. That could bring about confron-tations and breakups or a re-ordering of roles in the relationships.

We also have Mars, planet of action, anger, initiation, and selfness, going retrograde this year between October 2 through December 10 in the sign of Taurus. Mars goes retrograde about every two years. And Mars is not a happy planet in retrograde. It forces the normally yang planet to subjugate its natural energies and turn them inward. This is a very bad time to initiate new activities of any sort. Sexual energies are lower. And people have a more difficult time of expressing their anger in a healthy way. Venus does go retrograde at the very end of the year, but I will cover that in my 2006 forecast or in my monthly columns. Several times this year the outer planets will form harsh aspects or difficult relationships with each other, creating a time of tension, difficulty, and stifling resolutions. These periods may last up to five or six months at a time. But the most difficult times are about eight to 10 days before the actual date and about three days after. And these dates are January 19, February 17, March 14, May 7, May 23, June 11, July 8, September 9, September 20, September 22, November 27, December 7, and December 16.

Horoscope Signs 2005_David E.F. Perez
Illustrations by David Eduardo Flores Perez

March 21-April 19

The primary focus for the Rams and Ewes falls into two general areas for the first two thirds of the year. The first area is relationships. This is an excellent year for improving existing relationships or finding a partner if you are single. You are more open-minded, and the certain magnetism that you have is drawing people to you. This can be a very good time for business partnerships as well as romance. You will be drawn to long-distance travel or even pulling in relationship partners from different cultures. You will be more forgiving even with people who are troublesome to get along with.

Internal security and family issues will be the areas that you are having the most problems with. You are continuing to try to build a strong financial foundation for 2005. And you seem driven to achieve that, even to the point that you may feel you cannot be satisfied no matter what level of security you reach. Family dynamics are tough this year. Other family members are expecting you to take a primary role, but you are reluctant about doing this. Getting them to get along will take all of your diplomatic skills. Only take this job if you really want it.

You may draw people to you who seem impossible to please, especially in the work arena. This is because in the past, you have had a need to prove your self-worth to others by taking on almost impossible tasks. This year you are reaching your limits. You are supposed to be looking at the notion of pleasing yourself and not others. This will really challenge core beliefs that you brought with you from your childhood.

Some of you will buy houses, relocate, or even relocate your business. You are in the mindset of really pleasing yourself this year. You are assessing all things around you, and they have to have a place or you will be getting rid of that baggage that doesn’t serve you.

Friends seem hard to come by this year. Activity in groups may not feel as satisfying as it once did. You are not as social, but you still want to be with a few special people.

Toward the end of the year, you shift toward financial awareness. This theme will also show up in April and in October.

Your ruling planet, Mars, goes retrograde from August 30 through December 9. Your energy levels are not as resilient, and you will need more rest. Take a more passive approach during this time. Don’t take on new projects. You will regret your decision if you do.

Classes, travel, and expanding your horizon will help you get the best from what this year offers.

April 20-May 20

The Bulls and Cows are having a mixed bag this year. The planets are giving you good and bad luck at the same time. Let’s start with the good.

Friendships and group associations will be fruitful this year. You are certainly ready to meet new friends and expand in general on your social environment. And the people that you are bringing into your life are really different than you have had in the past. You will be drawn to social causes as well. And you are interested in making a positive change.

Career directions and work conditions are still rather confusing for many of you. Those of you born between May 3–9 are being affected the strongest by this confusion. You are really questioning your current career direction. Your career has to be more spiritually fulfilling and not just something you are doing to make money. You are certainly more sensitive than normal, and drama and office politics are taking their toll on you. You are seeking places to work that are calm and have fewer histrionics. Some of you would be just as happy to be on a sabbatical.

The workplace is busy without a clear plan of who is in charge. Normally, the people in the office would come to you for the big-picture view and advice on how to make things better. But you are hiding from these people. One thing you can do that would make this area work better and be more productive for you would be to get into an exercise/dance program. This would help with the tension that is around you and give you some meditative time to be alone.

By the summer, you are less fuzzy about your direction, and you are ready to start making some decisions about career and longterm plans for your future. You are cleaning up your home and your office. This will bring you a sense of stability that you have been missing for the last couple of years.

Between September 30 and December 9, Mars, planet of action and anger, is retrograde in your sign. This would certainly not be a good time to start new projects, especially associated with career and business. However, paying more attention to your health is paramount. You will be internalizing your anger more than usual, and this could be the onset of some health problems like high blood pressure or lethargy.
Relationships are getting much better and there is a light on the horizon, but you will have to wait until after December 9 when your sexual energies are more present. However, to date an ex or a lover from the past is permissible, even during the Mars retrograde.

May 21–June 21

The only thing that will be consistent for the Twins will be change. You are not accepting the notion of “getting by.” Your flexibility has reached its limit, and you must do things that are what you want and not based on just what dance you can do.
Let’s start with career. You are ready for new projects, adventure, and the renewal of the human spirit at work. Otherwise, you will be bored out of your skull. And you want to do projects to which you feel personally connected. You certainly don’t have time for dull or routine tasks. If you have been at a job for a long time, this can be a time of great tension, especially if you have been trying to maintain the status quo. You want more money and more personal recognition for the work that you are doing. And you will be looking for that place if your current career can’t make you feel special and desired.

Relationships are still shaky. I know I have been singing this verse over and over each year for the last several years. It will impact those of you born June 12–16 the strongest. Relationships that are not good for you will be purged from your life. And if they are to survive, they will have to be rebuilt from the ground up. For many, this will be a time of finality. But make sure that you are clear that this is about the way you function and structure relationships more than it is about the other person. You are changing that structure, and your ex partner just doesn’t fit the mold anymore.

You are feeling more creative than you have felt in quite a while. That is the reason taking on a new project would be so good for you. You are ready to open up and put your ideas into form. After the summer, this need to be more structure- and goal-oriented is activated in your chart. After October, work could be busier than you like it. Don’t let yourself get trapped by your need to juggle. Choose the right number of things to juggle, then don’t quit juggling.

June 22–July 22

The Crabs and Moon Kids have been going through a very important cycle that repeats every 28 years or so. Saturn has been wading through your sign. This is a very heavy, self-judgmental time when you rate and assess your enterprises. And Saturn is a harsh mistress. She looks for what you have not accomplished because she expects you to have done well. At this time, you may be overly sensitive to what people say, and everything can sound like criticism even when people are just asking perfectly natural questions.

Saturn can make us feel older than we are. Even having fun can seem too emotionally costly. Just wrap yourself up with a wet blanket and sit in the corner and suck your thumb. However, we are motivated to do something with our lives. Saturn is constantly asking us, “Are we there yet?” She brings an end to relationships that serve no purpose. She makes us look for more prestigious jobs, because she knows that we have more talent than we let on. Everything in your life has to be upgraded or gotten rid of. It’s that simple. Fortunately, Saturn leaves to visit Leo in July. At that moment, we begin to focus on money and planning for our 401K. She is still with us, but she has taken her hammer on to others.

And yes, your life has gotten busier. You seem to be trying to do more than you can do in a day. That is why you are so tired. You have plenty to say, and you want to tell everybody what you know and what you think. This is a great time for improving or repairing the old home place. There can be a healing with your family members if they are open to letting the past go.

You are in a very creative cycle this year. This creativity only increases after October. You will find that you are accomplishing things without so much effort and self-judgment. This is a good time to promote yourself or your business without the Saturn judgment tape running in the background. You have been running into certain boredom with your old routines and ways of satisfying yourself. You might consider some education courses to stimulate your brain to help bring you out of your crab hole.

Relationships have to be more complete and fulfilling. You are searching for that connection with your soul mate, and nothing less will do. In fact, you trust the emotional side of yourself more than ever. You will be drawing new people into your life, especially after the end of the summer.

Work on finding a nice balance between the social, hospitable side and the reclusive side. Both need to be honored for you to be happy.

July 23–August 22

The problem area for you continues to be the relationship arena. You are not sure what you want. So when you find that special person, you are not sure that he is the person you thought you wanted. Many of you are just taking on a totally reclusive personality and just avoiding the whole relationship thing altogether. This is especially tough for those of you born August 5–16. You don’t seem to be able to find the right person, and if you do, she is not available. It may be best to wait a bit, until late summer when you are more stable. Even good relationships can suffer with this transit. And the real problem lies with you and not with people outside of you. An extended visit to the therapist would be very helpful. Be sure and take your partner or ex partner with you.

You have been successful in keeping your life busy and active so that you can mostly avoid all the relationship quicksand pits. There are lots of people around who will be supportive and help change the subject when things get too deep. But you do have your moments when you are really ready to let go of control and move into a place where you are just trusting and not trying to control the outcome. As soon as you return, there is plenty of work and activities for you to be involved with. This is a wonderful year for school, short trips, concerts, or calligraphy classes.

By the end of the summer, Saturn, planet of work, discipline, goal orientation, and application, enters your sign for the next 2 1/3 years. You are moving into the time to make some plans for your future. And get to work on them right now. You will have more of a blueprint than you have had in quite a while. Every part of your life is going to be scrutinized. And those things that survive this will have to be improved.
Your relationship will have to be more fulfilling, and many of you will look to renew your commitment contracts with a guaranteed better outcome. Or you will be looking for that new, improved brand over your old brand X.

Career opportunities open up after July. And that is a good thing, because you really want to get ahead. You may want to make changes in that area before October or after December. The Mars retrograde will be affecting your career sector. Disputes with bosses and co-workers will be on the rise September 30 through December 9. Most of this is really the unhappiness that you have been holding in, and it is just getting out.

But overall, you will feel in more control of your life than you have in quite a while.

August 23–September 22

The Virgos are definitely changing their patterns and habits this year. This is coming at you from two different planets at the same time. Uranus is activating those of you born August 28 through September 3. Those of you born September 15–18 are being poked and prodded by Pluto. Even if your birthday doesn’t fall between these two periods, you have other planets in Virgo besides your Sun that will be affected.

The group being affected by Uranus is really ready for some new agendas and some excitement in life. And this is really testing your ability to be committed to practically anything. Certainly relationships, personal or business, are on the chopping block. And if they are making you feel hemmed in or restricted in any way, they will have to change or you will be out of there. Your creative urges are stimulated, and you want to live your life and enjoy it now and in the future. Others will think you are just rebelling or going through a phase. But you are not. Those of you who are more afraid of change will have an extra hard time. Your health could be affected if you try to resist the natural growth that Uranus brings. Keep your options open. That will be the best way to handle this.

Those of you being provoked by Pluto are purging the toxins from your home, family, and career. This will seem like a very unsettling time for you. You may also feel that you are being driven by fate instead of your own abilities to make choices. On the individual level, you are eliminating the aspects of your personality that promote negative or self-destructive behavioral patters. This is not always an easy thing to do, even when you embrace the process. Your role with the family will change, and you may even choose to separate from them for an extended period of time.

Others of you will be rethinking your career paths and wondering if you are really happy. And if career is found lacking, you will be directing your attention elsewhere.

Pay attention to your health. You are more sensitive than usual, and normal stress that you could handle in the past is taking more of a toll. Try to eat naturally and stay away from sugar and alcohols. Make sure that you take some time to exercise, meditate, or do some yoga or tai chi. You will be more upbeat by October.

September 23–October 23

Libras are ready to get ahead on their career path. And they want to feel a sense of being appreciated by their co-workers, clients, and relationship partners. And Scale Balancers are more sensitive to criticism than ever. You are working harder than ever to make sure that you are doing everything you can to cross all the T’s and dot the I’s. And when someone points out one you missed, you are mad at yourself for missing one. In addition, you are mad that the person pointing out the errors can’t give more attention to all the hard work you have done. This may drive some of you to look for better career opportunities or even to start your own business. There is a strong tone of boredom that is also compelling you to look elsewhere as well.

Until your birthday time this year, Jupiter, planet of growth, travel, and education, is in your sign. This is a 12-year cycle that makes our brains hungry for new knowledge and a desire to grow beyond our increasingly limited worldview. So this is a good year for any type of education or anything that betters you as a human being. A change of environment would be especially good, such as travel or retreats to different areas of the world. You need to see new sights. Your immediate world seems small.

Relationships do especially well with this Jupiterian energy. You are good at attracting positive people and outcomes. So you are done with your past relationship. This will help you want to get out there and carve out a new partnership.

In the fall, you will be reassessing your financial picture and your association with friends and social and business organizations. You are looking for better ways to spend your time and money. And you are defining what that new direction will be in the first three quarters of the year.

October 24–November 21

Most of the areas of life for the Scorpions have been going rather well. You are feeling creative, free, and willing to listen to new ideas. The only area that seems to be giving you trouble is your family and the role that you play there. Inherently, you always have a struggle with your own sense of self and the restriction that your family values seem to impose upon you. That part has been coming unraveled over the last couple of years, and this only persists for the next couple. Those of you born November 6–11, as well as those of you who have planets in this general area, are certainly impacted. You are doing the disappearing act for your family. You are trying to resist the pull back to the family roots, because when you are there you feel as if you are walking through sticky emotional muck. And you are. Part of this matrix reveals to you how much you have outgrown those roles once compelled upon you. And the other part shows how much freedom you have to re-invent yourself and the confusion that follows because you don’t really know what you want. You may want to try to enjoy this time of spiritual growth and exploration. Until it is done, you are not really ready to make a choice about any decision.

In July, you will become more clear and assured about choices that you will be making. And the need to get on with your life will strengthen through the rest of 2005 and all through 2006. At that point, you will begin to wonder why you have been wasting your time and realize that you are not getting any younger. You will initially start this period with a re-assessment of what you have done. The next step will be to set up some goals that reach over the next two years. This will impact your career area the strongest. However, those of you who consider partnership your career goal will be re-appraising your current relationship status. And you will definitely notice that there is a lack there.

By October, you are more optimistic, and plenty of opportunities should be greeting you. This will help you to make some decisions. In fact, all areas of your life should improve at this time. You will have a more magnetic personality.

Now for a bit of not-so-nice news: Mars, planet of confrontation and the Nike slogan, Just Do It, will be retrograding in your relationship arena during October, November, and part of December. At the very least, this is a time to bring up any issues that you may have tried to avoid. At the worst, this can be a time of separation from existing partnerships. Find a good referee or a therapist. These are not waters that you want to navigate alone.

November 22–December 21

The Archers really need a boost in their fun level this year. Past routines are bringing on apathy and doldrums. And this will affect all areas of life, including relationships, career, group associations, and even how you dress and look. The empire that you have created that once made you feel as if you were at the top now makes you feel restrained and confined. And those of you born November 28 through December 3 and with planets in those locations will be champing at the bit. And those of you born December 13–17 will want to shoot the person who invented the bit. First, you need to look at the fact that some of the planets that are compelling you come around in 20- and 40-year cycles. For some of you, this is the first time you are encountering these life-altering processes. Those of you who are older just have to reassess the choices that you made 20 or 40 years ago. This is a time in your life that you have more control than usual over what is going on in your life. You will find that you are not running on automatic. You must find new reasons to continue what you are doing, or you will be replacing those relationship partners, career paths, and the parental emotional branding that you have carried around with you.

Expect changes at home and with your family. You may want to move or to do some remodeling. And your role in the family will change. You will not want to take on family responsibilities at this time. Others of you will find your relationships challenging and restrictive. And you may have to take drastic measures here. You are not the same person who started the relationship you are in, and your wants and needs are very different. Some therapy could help, but you may find that you have simply outgrown your partner.

Social groups and outings will be very good for you and could certainly help to perk up your spirits. Get involved in neighborhood organizations. This will help to give you a larger social outlet and give you a chance to see how others see you. You will notice, through their eyes and thoughts, how much you have changed.

December 22–January 19

With your ruling planet, Saturn, in your area of relationships, you are certainly re-evaluating how you handle relationships, your current partner, and the long-term viability of that relationship. When Saturn, planet of assessment, is here, you will initially want to make sure that you can identify the problems and work toward a better relationship. In a sense, you are raising the bar of expectation and want to set new long-term objectives for your partnership. That could mean a re-commitment of some sort, finding a project that draws both of you back together, or even possibly separating. But you will not be able to leave things as they are. This will affect business as well as romantic relationships.

Those of you without a partner will certainly feel a lack in your life, because Saturn will still make you look at the inadequacies in this area. If you are a loner, you will wonder what is wrong with you and why you can’t have a relationship like everyone else. You will question whether or not you are a person that others find desirable. It is important that you make sure that you are the one answering this question and not basing your answer on the template that society places upon us about the expectation of relationships and happiness.

On the other hand, career activities are really busy this year and will be so through October. And this could be a much more comfortable place for you to be than relationships. There are a lot of projects out there, and you are ready to tackle them. You should expect a promotion, a raise in pay, or at minimum an elevation in your status at work. By the fall, you will experience an increase in friends and social activity. This will also be very good for business but also a real boost in your social life.

On a final note, you may want to think about getting a new car, new computer, or some sort of fun high-tech thing for yourself. You are really ready for some changes in your day-to-day life that make life more fun. Boredom this year will just not be permitted. Even taking some educational classes can help give your mind something new to chew on. Keep your dance card free.

January 20–February 18

Most of the activity for this year is occurring on a subtle plane of existence. So life may seem in a “hold” modality, but there is a lot of activity going on below the surface.

In the area of social activity and friendship, you are clearing out people in your life who aren’t good for you. You are getting clearer about your expectations. You may find that you are willing to be alone rather than just to be with people you don’t have any connections with. And these connections have to have a deeper intent and expand your mental base and open new arenas of thought.

You are organizing your work and home environment. You are not happy with clutter. Everything must be in its place, or it will be put out in the dumpster. This same attitude will be prevalent with co-workers. You are not as willing to play the mother role and just listen to their dramas. You are expecting them to mature and take a more adult role. Some of them will be mad at Mommy. But they certainly will get over it.

You are clearer about getting your health in order. You will continue to work on that until July. So if you have plans on improving your health, you only have till then to get started on a program. After July, your attention shifts to relationships and how well they are working in your life. You will raise your expectations and change your future plans for your relationships. They will have to work better and have more clear expectations for the future. This can also be a real testing period for existing relationships. If they can’t be refined, they will be coming to an end.

For the group of you born February 2–7 or with planets there: You are on a spiritual pilgrimage. You are not really present in your day-to-day existence. You are wondering what your place is here on the earth, and many of you will seek answers way beyond your daily needs. This can show up as spiritual retreats, exploring the psychic realm, a new interest in religion, or a desire to explore your religious roots. This is not an earthly time for you. You will have a hard time connecting to the day-to-day reasons that most people embrace for living on the planet. You will be more grounded by the end of the year. Enjoy your trip.

February 19–March 20

Let’s just jump into this. Uranus, planet of innovation, expected change, rebellion, and freedom, is moving through your sign. She will be there through 2010. She influences a different group of you each year as she proceeds through the sign. Those of you born between February 24 and March 2 are the target group for this year. However, if you have planets other than the Sun there, you will be experiencing this as well. And you may have already been under the influence of Uranus from last year as well.

What does this mean for you? Uranus simply wants you to feel free. She makes you bored with old conditions. She makes you strain at the limits that were once your personal life goals. These are keeping you locked into an old version of you. Just like a computer, you are ready for an upgrade. And since this is your sign, it will affect every area of your life. Spin the wheel and choose a category.

Relationships? You are totally redefining what you think your role is. You are not as flexible and pliable as you were before. Of course, your partner may think that you are just being hard to get along with. Just go back and be your old self. Just try. This is not always an indication of divorce or separation, but that is certainly one of the thoughts that will creep into your brain. Try the word upgrade again. It applies here as well. Boredom and routine will be killers for your relationship.

Career? You need some new projects, new goals, new working conditions, new equipment, new fill-in-the-blank. You get the idea. For many of you, you will be seriously considering a new career path, even opening your own business or retiring. Uranus wants you to live in the present and not in the future. So life and work have to be rewarding now. Making safe and conservative choices will be especially hard to make. If you resist, the universe will turn up the volume so you can hear her better.

Roles that you created might or might not fit during this time. The key is, Do they enhance your concept of personal freedom and expression, or do they inhibit it? If you have always been career- driven, you will look for more inner-child expression of yourself. If you have always been a parent, you will look for ways to rid yourself of that limited definition. If have always been afraid to go and do exactly what you wanted to do, this will allow you to see how fear keeps you trapped.

You can embrace this and use this energy to propel you into your own future. It will take you there, even if you resist all the way. Either way, you are going. Growth doesn’t have to be painful. Get on board and enjoy the journey.

Lilly Roddy writes the monthly “SignOut” column for OutSmart. Her website is www.lillyroddy.com.

For the third year, artist David Eduardo Flores Perez has contributed illustrations for this annual astrology forecast


Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy has been an Astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters as well as teaches classes in Astrology. She is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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