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Cancer 2020 Conferences

International Conference of Cancer Research and therapy is the International conference hosted by the Herald Groups which is going to…

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cancermedicinePew Research Center

Cell and Regenerative Medicine 2020

WORLD CONGRESS ON STEM CELL AND Regenerative Medicine is the International conference hosted by the Herald Groups which is going…

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Heroes For Children Hosts Annual Houston Heroes and Handbags Brunch, April 17

Join Heroes for Children and Event Chair Ashley Seippel and Honorary Chairs Kristy Chickering and Demi Jessett during the annual…

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July Horoscope: An Active and Energetic Time For Us

July will be an active and energetic time for us, especially during the second and third weeks of the month.

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Arts & Entertainment

The Big C: The Complete Second Season

The unlikely comedy about cancer follows melanoma patient Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney), resolute in her quest for wellness, as she…

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National News

Vaccine May Prevent HPV-Related Anal Cancer

The study, which was published in The New England Journal of Medicine, involved 602 men, ages 16–26 years, who have…

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Meet Houston’s Grape Nut

You know the joke: Why do they call it Grape-Nuts when it has no grapes or nuts? Houston’s own Grape…

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A Cautionary Tale

This fact-filled essay is essential reading for every man or woman who receives anal intercourse. The facts become terribly interesting…

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