Brian Gaither

Brian Gaither (he/him) is a gay writer, activist, and finance professional living in Houston Texas. He's been active in politics and has supported lgbtq+ causes in Miami, Seattle, and Baltimore. He served as a Board member of the Pride Center of Maryland, previously known as the GLCCB and is a co-founder of the Pride Foundation of Maryland, an organization that was focused on the state's lgbtq+ history and culture. His writing focuses on the intersection of queer life and politics. He relocated to the Lone Star State in the wake of the Covid epidemic to be near family and close friends. He strongly believes that understanding politics in Texas, and engaging them as a Texan, is critical to achieving the next stage of equality for lgbtq+ people living in America. He attended high school in El Paso, Texas, before going to Cornell University, where he earned a B.A. in History. He has an MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle as well as an M.S. in Real Estate and Infrastructure from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He enjoys tennis, running, and exploring state parks in Texas with his dog, Duke.
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Op-Ed: My Queer Texas Homecoming

Returning to the Lone Star State as an out gay activist.

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