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Space Kiddettes Drop New Single and Music Video

'Dead to Me' is the queer Houston duo’s first release since 2019.

Space Kiddettes members Trent Lira and Devin Will (photo by Karolina Cantú Salinas/Instagram @KaroCantu)

The Space Kiddettes are blasting off into the fall season with a new song and music video. Dead to Me dropped on October 27, and the queer Houston duo’s synth-pop sound is sharper than ever.

Dead to Me is a song about ending relationships that are not needed. The corresponding music video shows band members Trent Lira and Devin Will having fun looking for clues and solving a mystery with their friends.

“The music video was inspired by kids’ mystery shows, mainly Get a Clue and Scooby-Doo,” the Space Kiddettes tell OutSmart. “Dead to Me came from the emotional turbulence of 2020. Last year shook everyone’s foundations, and in doing so showed us which relationships we really value and which ones need to be cut off at the root.” 

This is the first new single the duo has released since 2019. Lira and Will spent their pandemic time off to gather ideas for their new music.

“We’ve learned that ‘slow and steady’ really does win the race when it comes to making music. Before the pandemic, we were performing almost weekly and putting out new music as soon as we could get it recorded. We took months to write, rewrite, produce, and edit Dead to Me so we could make it the best it could be. Our desire to create is just as strong as it was, but we’ve learned to express that desire in a way that’s not killing both of us,” the duo explains

Dead to Me’s release is only the beginning of new projects for the Space Kiddettes. Fans can expect more singles in early 2022, as well as a surprise by the end of the year. To keep up with their upcoming releases, you can follow @whereissk on social media.

“Be on the lookout for live shows next year, in support of our new material,” they note. “And you can still catch us monthly (with our bestie STOO) all over Houston hosting monthly queer showcases with our collective ABUNDUNTLY QUEER. Follow @aq_htx to stay updated.”

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Brandon Norvell

Brandon Norvell is a fall 2021 editorial intern for OutSmart Magazine.
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