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Gayest & Greatest 2020: People Part II

Crimson Jordan gives back to the LGBTQ community through volunteer work.

Crimson Jordan is this year’s Most Valuable Trans Male Volunteer (photo by Alex Rosa) 

There are many wonderful volunteers in Houston—dedicated people who make the wheels go ’round. But Crimson Jordan, 24, brings an extra dose of energy and talent to the table. Outsmart readers recognized his tireless commitment to the city’s LGBTQ community by voting him Most Valuable Trans Male Volunteer this year. 

Whether it’s passing out pamphlets, speaking in public, designing a website, or developing a capital campaign, this gracious and intelligent young man has done it, and is happy to do it again.

Jordan has volunteered  for a long list of organizations, including the Montrose Center, the Mahogany Project, Impulse Group Houston, the Trans People of Color Coalition, and the Law-Harrington Senior Living Center.

Even with that record, the humble Jordan is surprised that he won. “Surprised? I didn’t even know I had been nominated!” he laughs. “Yes, I am surprised and deeply flattered. I am so grateful!”

Jordan’s journey to becoming a tireless Black trans activist was not a smooth one. He was only three years old when he realized his body and his mind didn’t match. Being the son of a preacher, the youngster’s protests were dismissed out of hand.

As he grew, so did his awareness of the discord. “I did not know the name for it, but I knew I was not being who I really was,” Jordan explains. “In school, I was living a double life, like something out of a movie. I would leave the house in one set of clothing, and then find a restroom and put on a binder and different clothes [so I could] spend the day as myself.

“At home, the first time I officially announced that I was a boy, I was met with laughter from my parents. The next time, when I was in my teens, my mother told me that ‘only white people do that.’ Then she invited me to leave the house,” he says, quietly.

The young man became homeless, but desperately wanted to complete his education, so he attended school during the day and slept under a bridge at night. After his best friend’s family became concerned and took him in, he lived safely with them for his remaining high school years. 

On his journey to becoming his authentic self, Jordan also found help at the Montrose Center and through the welcoming embrace of its Hatch Youth program. “Sometimes they were the only thing that kept me going,” he recalls.

Today, Jordan is a high school English teacher with a degree from the University of Houston. His commitment to our city’s LGBTQ community and the organizations that helped him when he so desperately needed it is steadfast.

“I have to give back. I simply would not be here without my friends and the support of our community,” he states with a smile. “So far, it’s been a pretty wild ride.”

Keep up with Crimson Jordan on Instagram at @crimsonlovescomics.

Favorite Male Community Hero

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Favorite Trans Male Community Hero

Emmett Schelling
Finalists: Logan Knight, Ian Syder-Blake, Lou Weaver

Favorite Female Community Hero

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Finalists: Julie Mabry, Heather J. Taylor, Tammi Wallace, Fran Watson, Kandice Webber

Favorite Trans Female Community Hero

Atlantis Narcisse
Finalists: Dina Jacobs, Evie Lavender, Monica Roberts, Alexis Nicole Whitney

Favorite Nonbinary Community Hero

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Finalists: Mike Webb, Eric Edward Schell

Leading Female Fundraiser

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Finalists: Chree Boydsstun, Angela Tate, Linda Rhodes, Carol Wyatt

Leading Trans Female Fundraiser

Alexis Nicole Whitney
Finalist: Mya Kori Wesley

Leading Male Fundraiser

Kennedy Loftin
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Leading Trans Male Fundraiser

Ian Syder-Blake
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Leading Female Entertainer Fundraiser

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Leading Male Entertainer Fundraiser

Mykey Whitney
Finalists: Ian Syder-Blake, Travis Webb

Most Prominent Female Activist

Fran Watson 
Finalists: Julie Mabry, Lo Roberts, Kendra Walker, Kandice Webber

Most Prominent Trans Female Activist

Monica Roberts
Finalists: Dee Dee Watters, Alexis Nicole Whitney, Jessica Zyrie

Most Prominent Male Activist

Ashton P. Woods
Finalists: Antonio Arellano, Piero Arevalo, Brad Pritchett

Most Prominent Trans Male Activist

Lou Weaver
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Most Prominent Nonbinary Activist

Kelsey Reynolds
Finalist: Eric Edward Schell

Most Valuable Female Volunteer

Lo Roberts (tie), Donna Junker (tie)
Finalists: Ana Sanchez, Heather J. Taylor, Tori Williams

Most Valuable Trans Female Volunteer

Monica Roberts
Finalists: Mia Ryan, Alexis Nicole Whitney

Most Valuable Male Volunteer

Brad Pritchett
Finalists: Domenic Cusano, Stephen Duckett, Don Gill, Tony Martinez, Kevin Nguyen

Most Valuable Trans Male Volunteer

Crimson Jordan
Finalist: Emmett Schelling

Most Valuable NonBinary Volunteer

Robin Mack
Finalist: Kelsey Reynolds

This article appears in the October 2020 edition of OutSmart magazine.

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