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Getting Yourself Prepared for PrEP


Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis—more commonly known as PrEP—is a revolutionary new way for people who are HIV negative to prevent future HIV infections by taking one pill every day. This FDA-approved pill (Truvada) contains two medications that can help stop HIV from spreading in your body. If you are exposed to HIV through sex or injection drug use, the medicines lower the chance that you will become infected with HIV. To be effective, PrEP must be taken every day and used along with other prevention methods like condoms.

Consult your doctor to determine whether PrEP is right for you. It is not uncommon for those who decide to pursue PrEP to face challenges with their insurance covering the cost of Truvada. To help navigate those issues, our friends at Project Inform have released the PrEP flow chart below.




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