Texas Business Leaders Want Texas Open For Business on LGBT Issues


From Texas Competes:

Over 50 leading Texas Businesses, including 13 Fortune 500 companies, iconic Texas brands and multiple Chambers of Commerce have joined together pledging their commitment to promoting a competitive, economically vibrant Texas—one that is welcoming to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

“Southwest Airlines is proud to support the Texas Competes Pledge,” said Julie Weber, Southwest Airlines’ Vice President People. “As a Company that always puts People first, we are honored to stand together for what’s right for Texas and what’s fair and welcoming for the LGBT community.”

Pledge signers believe that in order for Texas businesses to remain economically competitive in talent, entrepreneurship, corporate relocations, and travel and tourism, the state’s workplaces and communities must be diverse and welcoming for LGBT people.

“Samsung is proud to support the efforts of Texas Competes to help ensure that the Texas brand is one that is viewed as welcoming to all,” commented Catherine Q. Morse, General Counsel and Senior Director of Public Affairs for Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

Craig Briscoe, Vice President of Human Resources for Dell added, “Dell is proud to support Texas Competes. Promoting an environment that values individual differences has been a pillar of Dell’s success and we continue to be committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Diversity is more than an essential element of Dell’s corporate values, it’s a force that helps shape the type of company we are and aspire to be. We look forward to working with Texas Competes to ensure our state has a pro-business economy and diverse workforce needed for Texas companies to succeed.”

Laura Miller, former Mayor of Dallas and Texas Competes Advisory Board member, said, “The country is watching how Texas will treat its LGBT residents and visitors going forward, and how we measure up will impact our economic prospects, from talent to tourism. I am proud to stand with the business leaders across Texas in stating that Texas should be open for business.“

Tom Meredith, a long-time Texas business leader, former CFO of Dell, and Texas Competes Advisory Board member, noted, “Texas is an economic powerhouse because it’s a place where talented people, entrepreneurs, and companies want to call home. But our competitiveness is in jeopardy if Texas does not become a place that is welcoming of LGBT workers and families. I applaud the signers of Texas Competes for standing up for diversity. Businesses that embrace diversity are doing both the right thing and the economically smart thing. Simply stated, businesses are strongest when they are most inclusive.”

It’s time to ensure fairness for all Texas employees, residents, and consumers. A united Texas is a competitive Texas. And when Texas competes, Texas wins.

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