Lafayette prez doubts proposed flag ban would fly

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At least three members of the Lafayette City-Parish Council say they won’t support a ban on flying non-government flags on government flagpoles, if one is proposed. City-Parish President Joey Durel says he doubts the measure would pass.

Three councilmen at an event Saturday said they would not support the proposal that Councilman Andy Naquin has asked the city-parish attorney to research, The Advertiser ( reported.

“I’m not going to support any measure that would ban any flag from flying on any government flagpole,” Council Chairman Brandon Shelvin said at the Horse Farm market’s morning opening.

A gay rights demonstration brought fewer than a dozen people to the event.

Naquin, who also attended, noted that so far nothing is being written. It is only being investigated, and it would only ban non-government flags on government flagpoles, not on government property, he said.

“Bring your own flag, but don’t put it on a government flagpole,” Naquin said. “That shows government support for special interest groups.”

He acted at Lafayette resident Ray Green’s request after a gay pride flag was hoisted at Girard Park on June 30.

Green has said he’s worried that anyone, including racist groups, could raise a flag on a government flagpole.

Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux said Lafayette is second behind New Orleans for the largest gay and lesbian population in the state.

“If we’re going to promote ourselves as a diverse culture and community, we need to keep that in mind,” he said.

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