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The Living End

Author: Robert Leleux

When asked “What was the happiest moment of your life?” each of Robert Leleux’s parents answered, “When Robert was born.” Through all of the numerous trials and tribulations with his family, Leleux had that to hold onto. This homage to his grandmother (subtitled “A memoir of Forgetting and Forgiving”) is a tender and moving tribute to her. (His previous book, The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy, which was set in and around Houston, focused on his relationship with his mother.) You would think that stories about caring for someone with Alzheimer’s would be depressing and/or morbid, but Leleux has a way with words. It didn’t hurt that his grandmother—who, before developing Alzheimer’s, wasn’t talking to his mother—forgot she wasn’t talking to her. The miraculous outcome: love. St. Martin’s Press ( —Review: Blase DiStefano




Blase DiStefano

Blase DiStefano is the Creative Director/Entertainment Editor for OutSmart Magazine.

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