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Jack Holmes & His Friend

Author: Edmund White

It is the late 1960s. Jack Holmes leaves the Midwest and moves to New York, gets his dream job, and meets a new friend, Will Wright. Jack and Will are very different men—one is from the Midwest, the other from the South; one is a Princeton blue-blood, the other a Midwest bootstrapper; one is gay, the other straight. Jack doesn’t let Will’s being straight become an issue in their friendship—he even introduces Will to the woman he will marry. Life goes on, and we learn of both men’s lives from the point of view of not only the individual, but that of his friend. All of the classic White treasures are present here: an evocation of the 1960s that no other writer could pull off, characters that manage to be everyman without being banal, prose that is truly lyrical, and a story you know is real. Each new Edmund White book has been a cause for celebration, and this one is no exception. Bloomsbury ( —Review: Angel Curtis




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