Was Jesus Gay?

‘Purple Triangle’ book explores relationship between Jesus and John

by Josef Molnar








For some people, the Bible is clear: Jesus had a gay partner.

For generations, scholars have debated the meaning of the line in the Gospel of John (13:23), which states: “Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.” While most believe it refers to a platonic love between Jesus’ follower and cousin, John, others see the love between the men as a romantic partnership.

G.C. Bryan, a Catholic, practicing psychologist, and former school principal, has used this and other verses from the Bible to assemble a story about the relationship between Jesus and John in his book, The Purple Triangle.

“With my understanding of scripture, and by talking to spiritual people, it became very clear to me that Jesus was human, and that many people put him on a pedestal and treated him like a god,” he said.

The story of Jesus and John revealed in the scriptures is far from being a sordid tale of lust and sin; in fact, Bryan sees it as a positive example of a same-sex relationship. With some encouragement, he decided to release the book.

“I have spoken with spiritual friends, Buddhists, and Catholic priests who feel it’s important to put the story out so there’s a broader interpretation of Jesus [that leaves open the possibility] that he could have been gay, and could have had a partner. That leads to the next step that we’re all sons and daughters of God, without exception,” said Bryan.

The 15-page book is simply illustrated with color sketches, and is written in a way that can be understood by children.

Ultimately, Bryan hopes that Jesus’ message of love and acceptance of others, including his partner John, will show through in his interpretation.

“The goal for me is that gay men and gay women who read it will see that they are sons and daughters of our heavenly father,” he said. “Just like everyone else, they are normal and spiritual and having a partner is normal and spiritual.”

The Purple Triangle can be ordered by sending $15 to G.C. Bryan at P.O. Box 4734, Bay St. Louis, MO 39521.



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