Controversy likely to continue with the new host of ‘The View.’ And Fox television adds openly gay judge to daytime lineup.

TheViewProducers of our favorite televised femme fest, The View, has finally announced its chosen successor to Rosie O’Donnell.

Beginning September 4, the start of the 20 Emmy-winning show’s 11th season, Whoopi Goldberg settles into O’Donnell’s still-slightly warm moderator’s seat, joining creator Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the talk show panel.

“She is brilliant, funny, and irrepressible, and is an enormously popular star,” Walters says. “This is going to be a great new chapter for The View.”

Walters has pared her appearances down to about three per week in recent months, leaving the three remaining mainstay hosts either to chat among themselves or take on a guest host. Goldberg proved herself a pleasing, catalytic addition to the mix during Walters’ absences, eventually emerging as O’Donnell’s permanent replacement.

It remains to be seen how Whoopi’s progressive persona will balance that of conservative host, Hasselbeck.

“I’m really glad to be doing The View,” Goldberg insists. “It’s a show with people I like.”

Yeah, sure. That’s what O’Donnell said, too, prior to her legendary split-screen meltdown with Hasselbeck that marked her early, abrupt departure.

But Hasselbeck’s on-air philosophical and political feuds with O’Donnell drove The View ‘s ratings higher than they had ever been in its history, proving one thing: American television viewers—despite how passionately we condemn dog fighting and all who allegedly associate with it—can’t resist a good cat fight.

Clang, clang, clang went the gavel
Fox television adds openly gay judge to daytime lineup

TVJudgeLady Justice has a new boyfriend to champion her cause, and he’s faaaaaabulous! Joining television’s ever-expanding cadre of courtroom reality shows is Judge David Young. And get this: Unless you count the judge presiding over Anna Nicole Smith’s final courtroom carnival, Young represents TV’s first gay judge. Well, the first openly gay one….

Up to this point, Judge David’s on-bench claim to fame was sentencing two America West Airline pilots to jail for attempting to operate a plane while they were drunk. But now he snaps (as in, his fingers for emphasis), he reads (as in, your beads, girlfriend), and he has a sassy black bailiff as a sidekick (as in, “Oh no,
you di-n’t!”).

Judge David, who lives in Miami with his partner of 12 years (who is also a judge!) and their dog, Maggie, is known for breaking into show tunes while taping his program. Perhaps Young will employ this creative justice in his time on the TV bench — because everyone knows just a spoonful of sugar helps the sentencing go down in a most delightful way.

Debuts September 10 , on KRIV (Fox), Channel 26. Check local listings for timeslot. Details:

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