Killer Kid

The darkly prescient Killer Kid tells the story of Djilali (Teufik Jallab), an orphan from Lebanon, whose father was killed by Israelis. Preying on his rage, terrorists recruit the boy and train him to be an assassin. They teach him to shoot, fight, hate, and be a soldier. And Djilali is an exceptional student. He is smart, cunning, and with the terrorists’ help, willing to kill in cold blood. When he goes to Paris to assassinate the French president, Djilali is introduced to Karim (Younesse Boudache), a poor boy from the Arab section of the city who is being unwittingly used to help Djilali assimilate. Karim knows nothing of terrorism; his interests are those of most boys his age: rap music, skateboarding, cheeseburgers, and 16-year-old girls. The boys become close, vowing to remain friends “dead or alive.” But eventually Djilali must choose between executing his mission and saving the life of his friend. • DVD format only. 1994. Directed by Gilles de Maistre. French with English subtitles. From Picture This! Entertainment ( —Troy Carrington


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