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It’s in the Details: Perfecting Entertainment and Photography for Your Wedding

From serving the perfect drinks to having the best music to capturing every moment in exquisite fashion, these vendors make your wedding unforgettable.
By Henry V. Thiel

Planning a wedding is planning a party. Every couple needs a venue, libations, and someone to capture the memories that will be created and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Provisions provided by Pass The Bar Event Services.
Provisions provided by Pass The Bar Event Services.

Raychele Gaines with Pass The Bar Event Services provides TABC-certified bartenders, wait staff, bussers, and bar-back services at the location of your choice, working with couples to combine the right mix of services with the right mix of libations. “We can even create a signature beverage just for the occasion,” Gaines says.

Bradley Janacek of Bradley David Entertainment has been in the event industry for more than 16 years, having been a part of over 250 weddings, corporate events, and all types of social occasions. Versed in all genres of music, Janacek is especially familiar with culturally specific musical styles. “We are gay-owned and -operated, and cater specifically to LGBT clientele,” says Janacek. “What I offer my couples is a customized experience from a gay perspective.”

Wedding entertainment by Bradley David Entertainment.
Wedding entertainment by Bradley David Entertainment.

Along with the right music, Janacek can provide his clients with a photo booth/lounge, mood lighting, and red carpets. “The highlight of my personal and professional career was when I helped John Nechman and Ricardo Ruiz marry last February. I had the pleasure of providing the music, photo booth, and entertainment. John is an attorney who has always fought for LGBT and immigration rights—one of my passions. His law partner, Mitchell Katine, was one of the lawyers responsible for the Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas. And my local hero, gay activist Ray Hill, performed the ceremony. I don’t usually get emotional at weddings, but this one really got to me. The love these two have had for 20 years, and to finally be able to marry, left me in tears towards the end of the ceremony.”

Photography by Anne Marie D’Arcy.
Photography by Anne Marie D’Arcy.

Anne Marie D’Arcy has been a photographer for 15 years, and during that time she has developed a style that is suited perfectly for weddings. “My style is romantic and soft; it’s intimate and not intrusive, allowing me to capture the emotions of the day, including the joyful tears and the laughter,” she says.

“I want all of my clients to feel secure and confident in their decision to include me on their most special of days,” adds D’Arcy. “I will show up inspired and ready to create art!”

One of the things that makes Jim Boyd Event Photography unique is the commemorative wedding album he creates for his couples. “I provide professional photography,” says Boyd. “And I take great pride in designing and creating a custom photo album that tells the story of their wedding.”

Boyd offers all couples a no-risk engagement photo session, along with an accompanying album that couples can use as their personalized guest registry on their wedding day. “The engagement session is no-risk because it allows the couple to see my work, as well as experience how I work, so we are all comfortable working together on their big day,” says Boyd. “I want everyone to know that I am honored to be their photographer. If the couple is not completely satisfied, there is no cost for the session.”

For photographer Yvonne Feece, life is full of special moments. “Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life,” she says. “Capturing the mood of the event—the details, the love, the joy shared—is critical. With big life events, there are no re-shoots or do-overs. In other words, disposable cameras on tables work for party pics, but not for wedding albums. One can always find ways to cut back on costs when planning a wedding, but I strongly advise against skimping on the photography. Solid photography and video services are vital to securing your precious memories.

“My wedding packages can be tailored to meet the needs of the coverage requested,” Feece adds. “Those who take their engagement portraits with us receive a discount on their wedding package. And clients who book weddings will receive a discount toward future anniversary portrait sessions.”

Photography by Seifert’s Photography.
Photography by Seifert’s Photography.

“One of the biggest things that make us different from other photographers is that we do not work out of a studio,” says Laura Seifert with Seifert’s Photography. “We go wherever the couple wants us to take pictures of them. The pictures and the wedding are all about the couple. This is how the couple wants to present themselves to their friends and family.

“We would like our same-sex couples to know that we will work with them on ideas that they may have,” adds Seifert. “We feel that this is your day and wedding, and we will do what we can to take the stress of pictures away from you and your family. All our photos can be ready to proof within a short period of time. We also understand how to work within a budget, and we believe that we can offer couples the best deal possible.

“We support our community and their fundraisers by providing photography services for little to no cost,” she says. “Great photos not only capture the moment, but motivate people to action. They help spread the word about the organization like nothing else.”

Dalton DeHart has been taking photos of our community for more than 20 years, and he knows almost everyone. “What sets me apart from other photographers is that I have literally taken thousands of photos over the years,” DeHart says. “I generally know the couple getting married, and I know what people want and expect.

“Photography is a passion of mine,” he says, “just like teaching was for me for 30 years. Long before I retired, I started taking photos so I could get to know our community and be of service. I love what I do, and I think you can see that in my photos.

“Since the SCOTUS ruling last year, I have photographed several actual weddings in churches and at private venues,” DeHart says. “Prior to that, I shot only a few same-sex commitment ceremonies. I mostly shoot parties and charity functions, which is what a wedding really is—pomp and circumstance, preparation and perspiration. I am honored to be invited to photograph a wedding, and I always do the very best that I can.

“I always meet with couples who want to hire me way before the day to find out just what they want, and I plan accordingly,” he adds. “Just this morning I met with a couple who is planning a wedding in April of 2017. It’s going to be a beautiful wedding, and I will simply do the best job that I am capable of doing.

“One of my favorite memories from a wedding I photographed a while back was when one of the grooms had not told his parents that he was gay, nor that he was going to get married, until a couple of weeks before the wedding,” shares DeHart. “However, as William Shakespeare said, ‘All’s well that ends well.’”

Henry V. Thiel is a principal with The Epicurean Publicist. He is still planning his wedding.


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