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Damaged Goods

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DamagedAuthor: Dianna Anderson

The author offers a unique perspective based on shame-free sexual ethics and an open, healthy understanding of humans as creations of God. After experiencing the sexual-purity movement of evangelical culture firsthand, Anderson uses her own illuminating stories to reach out to young women (and sometimes men) trying to reconcile their own sexuality with their understanding of “what God wants,” cultural stigma, and the pressures of their social environment. Confronting the conservative Christian ideas about sexual purity that have infiltrated modern American politics and culture, Anderson deconstructs biblical myths and societal ideals about relationships, gender, and sexuality, encouraging readers to embrace the wholeness of our humanity. “I have gone through this journey, too, and am writing to tell you that it’s okay to question, to wonder, and to decide to walk away from the traditions you have always been taught,” she writes. Anderson, who says, “I don’t know what label to put on myself other than ‘not-straight,’” is most comfortable identifying herself as “queer.” Jericho Books/Hachette Book Group (hachette —Suzie Lynde



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