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QFest 2012: Swish Sixteen

Following is a partial schedule of films to be shown at the 16th Annual Houston GLBTQ International Film Festival.

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Thursday, July 26

Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH)
Opening Night
• 7 p.m. Cloudburst

Friday, July 27

• 7 p.m. Beauty (Skoonheid)
A psychological South African drama details a middle-aged closeted man’s dangerous obsession with his best friend’s younger son.

Rice Media Center
• 7 p.m. Outfest @ QFest: Girl Shorts
A compilation of the best Girl Shorts featured at Outfest Los Angeles.
• 9:30 p.m. Mary Marie
After their mother’s death, two sisters revisit their childhood home and are forced to confront a shared secret.

Aurora Picture Show
• 7–8 p.m. Live Performance: Two Star Symphony
Live performance of modern instrumental music by Houston’s own Two Star Symphony.
• 8:30 p.m. Inni
Iceland’s Sigur Rós is the center of this doc, shown on multiple screens.

Saturday, July 28

Alamo Drafthouse (at S. Mason Road)
• 2:30 p.m. The Wise Kids (with Mathi[eu])
In Mathi(eu), an adolescent transboy faces the joy of love and the pain of growing up.
• 4:30 p.m. Outfest @ QFest: Boy Shorts
A compilation of the best Boy Shorts featured at Outfest Los Angeles.
• 7 p.m. Jobriath A.D.

Asia Society Texas Center
• 3 p.m. Wariazone and Rites of Passage
Two short docs addressing trans issues from an Asian perspective. A Q&A with the director and the subject of Rites of Passage follows.

Discovery Green
• 8:45 p.m. The Wiz
Outdoor screening of this reboot of The Wizard of Oz starring Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Richard Pryor.

• 1 p.m. Vito
A moving tribute to the life of Vito Russo, acclaimed queer film historian and pioneering AIDS/gay-rights activist.

Rice Media Center
• 5 p.m. Man in Bath (with All Boys Like That)
Sexually graphic drama depicting the fading relationship between a filmmaker and his hustler boyfriend. Shown with All Boys Like That, in which a young man overcomes his fear of lovemaking with his girlfriend by engaging in sex with a hunky carpenter.
• 7:30 p.m. I Want Your Love (with Loads)
A thrilling, uninhibited exploration of the sexual lives of young thirty-somethings living in contemporary San Francisco. Shown with San Francisco artist Curt McDowell’s Loads, made surreptitiously in response to Anita Bryant’s 1977 “Save the Children” campaign, in which he interviews and seduces a series of “straight” men.
• 10 p.m. Showgirls
Elizabeth Berkeley tramps it up in this campy take on the backstabbing world of glitzy Vegas showgirls, featuring an undeniably luscious Gina Gershon.

Sunday, July 29

Alamo Drafthouse
• 1 p.m. Positive Youth
Four young adults openly discuss their
HIV-positive status.

• 3 p.m. Mosquita y Mari and Moon Song of Assassination
In Moon Song of Assassination, Tejano legend Selena is given tribute.
• 5 p.m. Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
Wacky, brilliantly playful tribute to classic sci-fi B-movies, a lonely alien sent to earth falls in love with a shy cashier at a stationery store in NYC.

Rice Media Center
• 1 p.m. George Kuchar Tribute
A selection of Kuchar’s 16mm work, including a 35mm trailer for Thundercrack, for which he wrote the script.

Monday, July 30

Rice Media Center
Closing Night
7 p.m. Gayby

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