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Saints Astray

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Author: Jacqueline Carey

The Great Flu Pandemic has led to a series of repressive outposts on the U.S./Mexico border. Lope, whose father was genetically modified, is physically more dangerous that any full human. She and her love, Pilar, escape from the hellhole and train to be “secret agent bodyguards.” A job with a band leads to a grassroots movement resulting in full human rights for all the genetically modified, an end to the outposts, and proof that true love conquers all. This rollicking funhouse-ride of a book doesn’t dwell on the ugliness that the setup suggests, but instead focuses on the best of what makes us human. Endearing characters, a riotously fun story, and the knowledge that all will be sweet in the end make this a perfect Sunday afternoon read. Grand Central Publishing ( —Review: Angel Curtis


Angel Curtis

Angel Curtis is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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