The Brutal Telling

Louise Penny
Minotaur Books (

The wise and beleaguered Chief Inspector Armand Gamache returns to Three Pines for the fifth book in Louise Penny’s award-winning mystery series. Chaos is coming to the lovely, seemingly tranquil town of Three Pines, just over the Canadian border. It begins to show its face one morning when a murdered man is found lying on the old pine floor of the beloved bistro and antiques store run by a gay couple in town, Olivier and Gabri. No one has ever seen the man before—or admits to having seen him—until a mysterious cabin, filled with priceless treasures, is uncovered deep in the woods. Clearly the hermit must have lived there and died there, and someone has been bringing him fresh groceries—in exchange for what? And just how did Olivier make such a spectacular success of his antiques business? Chief Inspector Gamache and his team are called in, and much as they personally like the man who has hosted so many wonderful meals, Olivier keeps answering all their questions with lies. Meanwhile, the cabin yields up extraordinary pieces of evidence that will send Gamache to the remote Queen Charlotte Islands in search of the hermit’s secrets, then back to Three Pines to confront the brutal truth. —Preview: Suzie Lynde


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