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New and recent AIDS Foundation Houston programs include the initiatives:

A happy camper. Camp Hope was established in 1996, the first camp in Texas specifically designed for HIV+ children.

The agency has opened its fourth international Camp Hope program for children infected with HIV/AIDS. The first camp, which took place in December, served more than 26 children in Malawi, Africa.

In partnership with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the agency created the Safe Prisons/Offender Sexual Assault Awareness Program, which includes a curriculum and training of offender peer educators in sexual-assault awareness. This program is designed to help prison inmates protect themselves from sexual assault and extortion, while helping to change the culture of acceptance around rape that exists in many prisons.

In fall 2005, the agency launched the Mukuru Arts for AIDS Series. Named after an African deity of compassion, the goal of Mukuru is to raise awareness of the escalating numbers of youth infected with HIV and the subsequent need for prevention education. Mukuru presentations encompass dance, drama, music, and visual arts held in a variety of venues. All proceeds are matched by the National AIDS Fund and used to benefit the local community through the AIDS Foundation Houston Community Partnerships in HIV Prevention Program. The next Mukuru event is a February 5 concert by Step Rideau and the Zydeco Outlaws at The Ensemble in celebration of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.



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