Alix Olson: Independence Meal

From out of a muted hush of intense, foreshadowing tones stems Alix Olson’s take on the world, ranging all over her proverbial plot of emotions from happy to deflated, inspired to crestfallen. To take words from her own liner notes, it is “kindness and rage” in a homogenous combination that, as a great many press releases have acknowledged, is better conveyed in the live arena than on compact disc. Nevertheless, this openly-lesbian poet has separated that live work from what she intends to accomplish in her recorded media, and in so doing has created a product saturated with a laid-back timbre and well-placed voice samples, everything hitting the precise points on which she has intended. Her backup band plays a huge part in this, holding back just enough to let her get everything across but embellishing the picture in such a way as to not let it appear blank. From Subtle Sister Productions. More info:—Lance Walker


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