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Nothing Wrong with the Wrights

Courtney Wright and Dove didn’t let an awkward start keep them from their journey toward a lifetime of love.

Courtney Wright (l) and Dove (Photos by Akintayotimi Photography)

“I know you. Isn’t your name Hope? No. Angel? No. it’s Precious! Isn’t it?” asked Courtney Wright the first time she met her future wife.

“It’s just Dove,” was the reply.

Six years later, on January 7, 2023, Courtney and Dove were married at The Bougainvilleas in West Houston. The brides each wore sweetheart gowns with a mermaid flair at the bottom. Their bridal parties were decked out in emerald and gold, to match the reception decor. As they exited the party, Courtney changed into an emerald tuxedo with a bejeweled bow tie, custom-made by Jervon Whitney. There were no longer questions about names. They were now officially Mrs. and Mrs. Wright.

That first meeting was at a brunch thrown by Courtney’s cousin. The women bumped into each other in the kitchen where another cousin tried to introduce them before Courtney’s guessing game commenced.

“I noticed her silly and extroverted personality,” recalls Dove. “Although I wasn’t initially interested, I still thought she was so outgoing and had a lot of energy.”

“I noticed her beautiful figure. She has a booty that people are paying to get, but hers is natural,” laughs Courtney, “I also noticed her being shy and on her phone like she was conversing with someone important. When I got closer, she started scrolling. I sat next to her to try to spark conversation.”

When they finally had their first date, they opted for a movie—Dove’s favorite thing to do. They met at the Marquis Cinemark and snuck in their own food. Courtney brought Chick-Fil-A, but had grabbed the wrong sauce. Dove didn’t let it ruin the sweet gesture, though, even when it ended up spilling everywhere.

“I guess Courtney learned how clumsy I was that night,” says Dove.

They shared a cherry icee and decided that from that point forward they would plan dates that included a bit more conversation and a bit more light. They dated regularly for two months before becoming exclusive.

“I knew Courtney was the one when she made sure to continue to think of me even when I was away from her,” Dove says. “She always made it a priority to create moments for us that we can cherish. That showed me how kind and thoughtful she was, which was a huge factor for me.”

“I knew Dove was the one when she would send me gifts to my job,” Courtney adds. “I would be working so hard, and then a delivery person would come through the door. I’d ask who they were looking for, and they’d say my name. I was blown away every time.”

The two continued to find small ways to express their love for one another. Courtney gave Dove a key to her place so that they could spend more time together after work or school. Dove would leave little notes or cards with a kiss on them in lipstick and do things like straighten up the kitchen or make the bed—small acts of romance that reminded them how special they were to each other.

Although Courtney technically proposed to Dove first, Dove then proposed to Courtney three weeks later.

“I was completely shocked and unaware that it was going to happen on the day it did,” Dove recalls. “I didn’t get the memo until we walked up the stairs, and on each step was a note about what she loves about me.”

“I was confused when Dove had my clothes laid out on the bed with instructions,” says Courtney. “I thought we were going to have a nice dinner. Then when I came down the stairs I heard the violinist playing and immediately knew what was happening. I was happy to get the same feeling of being proposed to. Nothing was one-sided, which was humbling.” 

The two planned their wedding together, working from a common vision that they were able to pull off. Guests commented that it was one of the best weddings they had ever been to. And to make the most important day of their lives even more memorable, Dove sang to Courtney during their vows—one of Courtney’s favorite moments. And both agree that the support they had from friends and family meant a lot to them.

“My favorite part of the day was walking out to our song with all of the bridesmaids chanting and cheering for us,” says Dove.

Their emerald-and-gold wedding was indeed beautiful, and the couple was able to accomplish it with the help of several supportive and LGBTQ-friendly vendors such as officiant Ericka Davis, their videographer Akintayotimi Photography, their catering service (on Instagram @toostuffedkitchen), and violinist Jamie Perry, whom the couple said was awesome. Dove’s sister Joi (on Instagram @enjoiballoonss)contributed the balloon arrangements, and Houston Wedding Floors provided a custom flooring pattern to enhance the event venue.

The couple is grateful that they will always be able to look back on their wedding day as one filled with friends, family, and most of all, love.

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