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Bring Andy Warhol to Houston!

Andy Warhol is an integral part of our pop culture memory—now make new memories with Andy! Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) is bringing Rob Pruitt’s The Andy Monument to Houston, and they need your help to bring Andy to Houston!

To bring this life-size monument of Andy to CAMH’s front lawn, they are launching a crowd-funded campaign through

What is The Andy Monument?

Rob Pruitt, a contemporary artist inspired by Warhol, created The Andy Monument as a tribute to the late artist. The sculpture, originally on view in Union Square, New York, is based on a combination of digital scanning of a live model and hand sculpting. Its surface is finished in chrome, and the seven-foot-tall figure stands atop a concrete pedestal. It depicts Warhol as a ghostly, silver presence: a potent cultural force as both artist and self-created myth.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) needs your help broadcasting Andy’s anticipated arrival. They can’t do it alone.  Spread the Andy campaign via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail to make sure your friends, family—even strangers—won’t want to miss the chance to be a part of history and help bring the father of Pop Art here for all of Houston to enjoy.

The Andy Monument will bring a part of Andy’s legacy to Houstonians and visitors of all ages and backgrounds. As the sculpture became a landmark to the people of New York City, CAMH hopes the same will be true for Houstonians and its visitors. The impact Andy Warhol had on history is hard to measure but no doubt is relevant to our current culture. Andy’s presence will engage his visitors and open dialogue about his work and contemporary art.

CAMH reaches audiences of over 150,000 each year and recently started a new initiative to use its lawn space as an outdoor exhibition area for sculptures, attracting and engaging visitors to the museum and surrounding Museum District.

For more information and/or to donate, visit

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