2011 Astrocast

What does 2011 have in store?

by Lilly Roddy

Illustrations by David Eduardo Flores Perez
Photo of Lilly Roddy by John Conroy

In 2011, Mercury goes retrograde three times, as it does every year. These retrograde periods—March 26 to April 28, July 28 to August 31, and November 19 to December 18—are times to review the past, see old friends, go to work for previous employers, or even date someone you have dated before. These are never good times for starting new projects, having surgery, buying a car or any electrical equipment, or signing any documents.

Neptune changes signs this year as she moves into Pisces, which last occurred in 1848. This year Neptune enters Pisces on April 4 for a brief stay, and then returns to Aquarius on August 4. (Neptune will enter Pisces for a 12-year stay on February 3, 2012.) Uranus also moves into Aries this year for a seven-year visit.

When the outer planets such as Neptune and Uranus change signs, it represents a shift in human consciousness and direction. Neptune will increase our awareness of compassion, spirituality, and health issues. Uranus will renew the spirit of heroism in all of us, and there should be a renewal of the American Spirit, independence, and the welcoming of competition.

The eclipses this year—on January 4, June 1, and June 15—are in Gemini and Sagittarius. This should add light and interest to communication processes, and there should also be interest in international boundaries, travel, and education. This light could be about exposing things that need to be examined more closely.

The signs that are having the most focus and pressure are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Even if you don’t have your sun in one of those signs, you are very likely to have at least one planet there. Those four signs are being pushed into change, whether they like it or not. It’s best if you just get on board and don’t fight it. Virgo and Taurus are doing better this year, and we should see better things for them.

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March 21–April 19

This is going to be a very dynamic year for most of you. Many of the planets have been directly affecting you, and that will continue for the next two years. Expect to be looking at new career directions, renewing relationships or starting new ones, and re-energizing your life.

This year you are paying more attention to yourself and your personal needs, and there’s an underlying sense of needing to renew or reinvent yourself. You will be open to all sorts of new ideas, including travel, school, expanding your social life, and paying a lot more attention to your physical body. You may seem very restless, scattered, or even overcommitted in the first half of the year. You’ll want to break with tradition and really look at something new and fun to do. You may get reacquainted with old friends, but you are definitely looking for new friends and experiences. During this experimental time, you’ll be looking for new things to add to your life.

Relationships are going through a big period of review and renewal. You should be looking at how you have built partnerships in the past. This is the part you’ll be improving. People will need to fit into your new relationship pattern, or they won’t be in your life. Those of you who are looking for a relationship will be in a no-nonsense mode. People have to be serious and bring their real intentions to the table, or you will not be interested in even having coffee with them. This will affect your romantic and business relationships, as well as your close friendships. For some, this will be a time when you draw a line in the sand and bring relationships to an end. March and April could be especially tense in this regard.

Career patterns are certainly in a process of change, especially for those born in the first 10 days of the sign or if you have planets in that location. Downsizing or mergers could be happening in your industry. You won’t lose your job, but you will be considering whether or not you are happy there. Work changes will prompt you to look deep inside and determine if you are really happy with your job. Some of you may retire, while others will take some time for themselves before starting their own businesses. You won’t be going it alone—you will draw someone to you who will want to be a part of this.

Home and family are on the back burner. You are working to get yourself, your career, and your relationships into shape. Your family could be a source of irritation rather than support this year. Your family’s needs motivated you in the past, but this year you’ll be looking elsewhere for motivation. Watch your spending in the last half of the year, as you will likely be more self-indulgent then.

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April 20–May 20

Generally, your life will begin to lighten up this year. You are not out of the swamps just yet, but you will notice some improvement. The last half of the year will be very busy for you, so get ready.

This year you are paying more attention to your health, and you are noticing lots of things that you might have ignored in the past. This can be a good year to change the way you eat—and not just lose weight. You will be more sensitive to drugs and alcohol this year, as well as to your sugar intake. This is the beginning of an overall cleanup program that you are starting. You will see this happening in the workplace. You or your company may change locations, and they may even be changing some office equipment as well. In the month of June, expect a big surge in your energy, an increased sense of adventure, and a much more active social life. This will be with you from June and last for the next 12 months.

Your social and personal relationships really open up after June, but they are improving even now. You have been in a self-contained mode for a number of years, perhaps choosing to live by yourself or making sure that you have plenty of quiet time. You have been more introspective and have taken the time to develop a better relationship with yourself. After June, you will be looking to step out and get reacquainted with the world. Your existing relationships will get a boost, and there will be a desire to have more fun. If you are single, you are much more magnetic at this time. This can be a great year to travel, to expand your business, or just to step out of the box that you have yourself in. Commitment might not be there, but the opportunities are.

You have not been in a stable career pattern for the last 12 years, but that is about to change. The best time of the year for a career adjustment is between April and early August. This will correspond with some reorganizing going on with your job. It will be a time when you see things much more clearly, and you will want to address the issues that are being brought into your consciousness. You may see a lot of things you don’t particularly like, but this is a time when you can address them and make some real changes. You will go back into a period of questioning again in the fall, but you’ll be back on track by December.

In your home life, you may want to do some home repairs, remodeling, or redecorating—especially at the beginning of the year. Some of you may even move, but most will just try to make do. You are not so close with your family. A part of you feels isolated even when you are with them. You may be feeling some sense of abandonment or lack of appreciation. You may also be ignoring those who are supportive of you, but who are determined to harvest in less fertile fields. Remember, it’s you who makes the choices about who your family is. Your friends may be better than your traditional family at providing support.

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May 21–June 21

2011 promises to be more of a mixed bag for you than it is for the other signs—as it should be, to let you make the best use of your natural juggling skills. During the first half of the year you are busy, upbeat, and productive. From April through August you’ll become more indecisive, but then return to a more upbeat and productive time from August until February 2012.

As the year opens, you are in the midst of a rather social time. This can be a great time to get involved in group activities and make new social connections. You seem to be able to handle your obligations with a more playful attitude. You may even be trying to take a hobby and turn it into something that you can spend a lot of time on. Friends will be especially important during this time, to help provide some clarity about who you are and where you are going. You will have less energy from April through August, when you’ll be more sensitive to your surroundings and needing more quiet time for yourself. Use this time to look at changing your life so that it can better represent who you really are.

Romantic relationships are mostly positive this year, especially from January through March. Relationships have been somewhat testy over the last couple of years. You have been avoiding commitment and haven’t been attracting anyone who was really available. That pattern shifts permanently after March 15, when you start to become a lot more open to commitment. In fact, you will want to be more open and connected than you have been to any previous partner. Your friends will change during 2011—some may seem too conservative for you, or just too scared to consider change. You will be more attracted to Bohemian types.

Your career outlook is already beginning to shift, and you may feel bored, trapped, or uninspired in your current job. Rather than safely following the herd, you want to feel more connected to what you do for a living with a job that expresses your artistic or individual side. 2011 will be a period of exploration that opens up new viewpoints beyond anything you could have imagined. It’s time to get in touch with the real you in the career area of life, especially from April through August.

You are beginning to feel a bit distant in your family and home life. Don’t be surprised if you want to paint the inside of your home in more soothing colors. You will certainly be less tolerant of family drama as you seek time alone for spiritual retreat. Explore that option. Your older relatives could be crossing over this year. Old thought patterns from childhood are passing out of your life as you move away from outdated views and expectations about yourself. You may feel like you don’t have a family any more.

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June 22–July 22

Like the other cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, 2011 will continue to be a time of enormous change. Most of the Moon Kids I know are struggling to get back on track, trying to regain a sense of inner emotional stability. It will help to find a worthy project or cause to get involved in.

You are really working on several personal goals at the same time. One thing is boundaries—reviewing all of your commitments in every area of your life. If you aren’t getting something back, you’ll be withdrawing your support. You are interested in doing things that inspire you, or that help you to step out of the old version of you. You aren’t holding on to tradition. In fact, you are looking at reinventing every aspect of your life, trying to find that passion and spark that makes you go. At the root of all this is your desire to assess your personal boundaries, relationships, and commitments. What will you be when this is done?

You are experiencing the most change in the area of relationships. This is especially true for Cancerians born in the first 10 to 12 days of the sign, or those with planets in those positions. Relationships in general are going through a big death and rebirth phase. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your current partner will split. Rather, it could be that the ideals and principles that you have built your relationships on in the past need a massive overhaul. This turmoil can indicate stress in your relationships. You won’t know exactly what you want, or what to say when your partner asks what he or she needs to do. For some, the repairs needed may be too extensive and the relationship may come to an end. Others will work through this time and have a much better version of their relationship when they are done.

There is a lot of activity in the career sector of your chart. You are looking for greater levels of inspiration and interest, so you might feel bored or trapped in your job. This is a great time to set out on your own, or take what you already do and reinvent it. Watch your commitments—you could be overly busy in the first half of the year. You are being offered a lot of opportunities, so you need to pick and choose. This is not the time to be safe. Make an investment in you.

Home and family, the joy and bane of every Cancerian’s existence, is really undergoing some serious scrutiny. For some of you, it may be time to draw the boundaries on who is a member of your family and who isn’t. Others may be taking on the maternal or paternal role in the family. Some will choose to separate from the craziness and create their own area of peace and harmony. You may be considering moving this year, or doing some work on your house. There is a sense that you need to do something to get your “foundation” in shape, both emotionally and physically.

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July 23–August 22

This year begins a time of coming out and reentering the world, once again becoming socially active. This is strongest for you from April through August. You will have more energy, but you are still feeling sensitive and not ready to fully emerge until November.

As the year opens, you are already feeling more optimistic about life in general. You are more open to new ideas and expanding your general sense of the world and the people in it. You might make some new international friends. Health-wise, you are really looking at making some permanent changes in your diet and health regimens. You seem to be able to communicate and get your point across more easily. You are also becoming clearer about your own boundaries, and are no longer available to everyone at their beck and call.

Romantic relationships are tricky this year. You have not been very available, and your indecision has only drawn people to you who are also indecisive about their own relationship needs. Continuing to set boundaries as you have been doing will help to eliminate these people from your life. Clearly, you want to be closer and more available to those you are in relationships with, even though your abandonment and loyalty issues may get in the way. This can create problems with existing relationships because you may notice the emotional distance more than ever. This year will be your first chance to really fix the distance issues, if you can.

Your social and professional life picks up after midyear, and that will help you both in romantic relationships and opportunities for promotions. You may come to some sort of decision about all of this at the end of March. There may be some major overhauls going on at work, including a change in your office location. There could also be some minor power struggles as new people enter the work environment. Seeing them as allies rather than enemies will help you deal with them. Don’t be afraid to take a lead role at work, especially after June.

You are in the early stages of rebuilding your family foundation. You have had a lot of changes in your family situation over the last five years, and you are about to bring some stability to that part of your life. You are past the mourning period you had to go through as you continue to rebuild your “family.” Some of you may move, and others may seek more social activity at home. There may be a healing in your family, with everyone seeming to get along better. You really are more open this year, and that will help you to let go of the past and look toward the future with enthusiasm.

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August 23–September 22

There are several different themes going on this year for you. In the financial area, you want to create more stable investments and also explore how you and your partner can have a more financially interactive relationship. In the area of spirituality, you are beginning an exploration about becoming more of a whole person.

You are taking a closer look at how you use your resources. As you find which things bring you the greatest return, you begin to pull away from the things that aren’t worth it. You are evaluating your earning ability and just how you spend your money. This may lead you to change your spending habits, especially in March and August. You have some strong creative forces working to carry out your ideas, but you will choose to be safe this year and do your best to minimize risk. As you get better at setting boundaries, you won’t appear to be so blunt. You can do some investing, but you have to keep it conservative. You will be taking care of old financial issues this year. You might as well get to it and use this time to increase your resource base.

You definitely want more from your current relationship—more openness, more honesty, and more closeness. This will certainly let you know just how close you can get to your partner. As you continue to open up and expect more, this could be problematic if your partner isn’t interested. This can be especially strong for those of you born in the very earliest degrees of the sign. If you are single, you’ll be demanding more from the people you date. You are becoming clearer about this, and you are placing more value on yourself than ever before.

This is the beginning of an expansive time in your career that will last about two and a half years. You should be open to new opportunities, and even to changing job locations. You probably won’t change careers unless you go back to school, which is certainly a possibility after June. During the last half of 2011, you will want more from life in almost every area. You are more open to new ideas about career and career choices. You are looking at things you would not have considered in the past.

Family issues are more complex this year. A part of you has been breaking away from your family and adjusting to a new role with them. They are expecting you to take on a different role, and you have been bucking this trend for some time. Some of you will not go back to your family. Your time with them is done, even if you try to reunite during the next couple of years. This separation won’t necessarily be bad, and you may not even notice any turmoil.

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September 23–October 23

Like the rest of the cardinal signs—Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer—you will be having an extremely dynamic 2011. This is generally a big reevaluation cycle going on, making many of you more serious and boundary-conscious. Big changes are on the way in the most significant aspects of your life.

Personally, you are taking a hard look at yourself and your past accomplishments, reassessing how you use your time and energy in every area of your life. Remember that you are going to be a very harsh judge of what you have accomplished in your life. You’ll tend to dwell on what you haven’t done, rather than seeing the whole picture and all of your accomplishments. Make sure you look at what you’ve done that has made you satisfied. Otherwise, you could be too harsh in your assessment.

Relationships fit into this picture as well. This is classically a time when you should either review your relationships and recommit to them with a new set of goals in mind, or bring some relationships to an end. This won’t be an emotional drama if you can just be clear and do the right thing. If you are single, you will want someone different than you’ve had in the past. This is a great year to meet new people to date or even to form business partnerships. If you are in a relationship, this year is all about setting new goals or moving on. Keep a close eye on things in March and April.

In this time of reassessment, you are certainly looking at your career path and how far along you are. You will want a promotion or a change in position to one of greater responsibility. If you are not able to get that where you are currently employed, you will be looking elsewhere. This may be a time when some of you want to start your own businesses. You are ready to do something on your own. Don’t let that trapped feeling make you act out. You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot. Some of you may be relocating, and that could have something to do with where you work. Overall, you need a new project or you will be horribly bored.

The biggest changes this year are in the home and family areas of your life. This is a transitional time, so some of the older members of your family may be moving toward exiting the planet. This is where your role in the family shifts, and you have the option of taking on more of a maternal or paternal position. Remember that becoming a leader is a choice and not an obligation. You want to keep your sense of freedom and personal choice. Don’t do things just because you are the best one for the job, or because no one else wants to do it. Some of you may be moving, and others will do a massive home makeover.

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October 24–November 21

Santa filled your stocking with many different things for 2011. There is a lot of activity at work as things get in better shape there. And relationship energies really open up for you after June, enhancing both your personal and business life. You are laying low at work this year, and you may need more time off or just more time to yourself.

As the year opens, you are probably going to focus on your health and personal habits. This will be a big area of change this year, and you will be so willing to go for it. You’ll want to get some time to yourself for thinking and meditation. You will need this break, as there are several decisions to be made about your company’s direction. Some of your duties may shift as well. Co-workers are restless and may create more drama than you really want to deal with. Be sure to start a better exercise and nutrition program this year. This can also be a great year to break bad habits.

After June, relationships are in a very positive place for you. This will help existing relationships, or open the door for new partners if you are single. This same energy will help to brighten your mood and keep you more optimistic. You will be attracted to people of different ethnic origins, and even to companies that have international operations. This may also be a time when you take on more responsibility than you can really manage. You should be careful about this during the end of March and in August. You may be a bit scattered during those times.

Career and work aspects are driven by wanting to do more interesting things, rather than the desire to just stay busy. You are certainly ready for some new opportunities. You are a bit on the bored side, and you probably just need a new project. You could find this outside of work with a hobby or a class, even though you normally prefer to keep the number of things you juggle to a minimum. There should be some very positive things happening at work—perhaps a shakeup with management that really helps you. Avoid unnecessary drama with co-workers. If you find yourself going there, just walk away. You will already be doing better.

Finally, you are beginning to feel more settled in your home. All the problems with water leaks are finally coming to end. Your period of doubt does re-enter the picture in the fall. This has been a confusing time emotionally. You haven’t always known your own mind as ideas and thoughts have come to you from deep within. You have been discovering aspects about your family’s history that you didn’t know, and you realize you’ve had some assumptions that were based on a false premise. As you learn about all of this, you begin to doubt yourself in other areas as well. This will be your last look at this part of your life for a while—I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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November 22–December 21

Overall, this is a good year for the Sags, who are having mostly positive and supportive connections with the planets. You may not be very motivated to address any one particular agenda, but those who do will certainly have positive outcomes in their lives.

This is a great year for you to interact with friends or social

organizations. There is a lot of dynamic energy there. You are looking to take a more active role in your community, and you won’t want to be just an onlooker. And you are really enjoying yourself without having to try. The beginning of the year is a very playful time for you, and you won’t be taking yourself too seriously. This would be a good time to interact with young people, or to just be more playful in general. You may be a bit self-indulgent in the first half of the year, but you will get a handle on that by June.

You are in a flirtatious mood as well. Anyone you meet, especially at those community groups, is very likely to catch your eye. If you are ready for that type of experience, it is open to you in the first half of the year. Relationship issues will surface for you during the times of the Mercury retrograde (see Astrocast introduction on page 22). The retrograde at the end of the year is the most difficult. It’s not strong enough to break up a long-term relationship, but less serious ones may fall by the wayside. You shift your relationship focus to co-workers after June—be careful with that.

What direction is your career going? Part of you is thinking about how great it would be have time alone and be at peace. Another part is being stirred by a desire to be more creative and fulfilled at work. Part of why you are seeking more social connections is that your work has not been as fulfilling as it was in the past, and you are looking for something to put in its place. This could be retirement time for some of you. Overall, your creative energies are going to be in control. If you are not ready to make a career shift, find an environment that gives you a creative outlet so you don’t have to mess with your present career.

There are big shifts at home and with family. You may be learning some things about your family that you didn’t know. Many of you will be looking for a vacation home this year—which means you want to run away from all of the family drama. You may feel that you just don’t fit in with people as you once did, even with those you consider to be your family. If you have elderly relatives or parents, this could be a period when they seem increasingly frail. You should consider that some of those relatives are not going to be here much longer, so you may want to get more visiting in as soon as you can.

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December 22–January 19

Capricorn is one of the busiest signs this year, so there is plenty on your plate. And wouldn’t you know, a lot of activity involves your career. Who would have thought?

Pluto, the “dwarf planet” that rules the underworld, purging, and ultimate transformation, has entered your sign for an extended stay until 2024. No, she won’t always be making contact—she moves slowly through the whole sign, taking a small bite each year. Pluto currently has the most impact on those of you born in the first nine days of the sign, or if you have planets at those degrees. This is a major cleanup time in your life—from the house you live in, the companies that you work for, to the body you inhabit. The more you can get to, the more pristine your life becomes. You will be more conscious of the seeds you sow with your choices and actions. This is a tough time for relationships, as you might imagine. If you can work without a safety net, and be true to yourself and not worry about what others expect from you, you will do well.

Relationships are going to be part of this purging that you are going through. This may seem to come at you all of a sudden. This is a time when you need to overhaul your relationships from top to bottom. Some relationships will survive this overhaul, but it will require morphing into something that was never in the original contract. You are changing a lot, and quickly. Your partner may not want to continue after seeing how much you have changed. Both of you need to work on this in order to make the relationship last.

Those of you born in the first nine days of the sign are taking this same transforming energy and applying it to your career. Look for potentially massive shifts there. You may retire or find some other place to work. The rest of you are dealing with a strong desire to be clearer about your career’s direction. You are trying to focus on what you are going to commit to this year. You are also very clear about what you don’t want to do. You are even less tolerant than usual with whiners. Your only advice for them: “Just grow up.” Some of you will be starting your own business this year. It would be best to wait until after June, even though your motivation is strongest in the first half of the year.

This time of renewal also extends to your home and family. You are ready to move, rebuild, or downsize—and maybe all three! You don’t want to be strapped down, so family or home responsibilities will just gnaw at you. You won’t have much patience, and this is obviously not the best of times. You just won’t have any tolerance for things that don’t directly involve you. Your family is looking for you to take a leadership role, but you don’t have to do that just because you are the most qualified. Others may not do as good a job as you could do, but you still don’t have to take that on.

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January 20–February 18

You are finally getting relief from some of the difficult times you’ve been in. That relief will be strongest from April through August, and then return again in February 2012.

Your difficulties are part of the reason that you have not been as clear about things, including what you want in life and the direction you want to take. Overall, this has prevented you from committing to things that you don’t absolutely want to do. You have been spending more time with yourself and less time being social. This hermit period will slowly be coming to an end. Particularly as the new year starts, you have more energy than you have had in a while. You will want to do things in your life that really satisfy you deeply. If you tap in to your talent reserves, you could do some things that you have previously only dreamed about.

Relationships get back on track for you. If you are single, you finally have the energy to get out there and be social. You are more witty and clever in your conversations, and people will be wondering where that new kid on the block came from. It’s too early to get into a permanent relationship—that doesn’t come until 2012. Those of you already in a relationship will need to set some new guidelines to help renew your commitment. Since you are optimistic about the outcome, you are more flexible here. Change your habits and patterns, and do something unexpected.

Your ideas about career have been building, but are still in the planning stages. You feel a bit disconnected about what you are doing now. You’ve been installing a major “upgrade,” and you haven’t learned how to use it just yet. That becomes more solid after June, but you will still be tinkering with the final product until 2012. You may want to keep your current job while you are designing something new for yourself. Others will need to reinvent their current positions to make them more desirable. Your opinions will be listened to more and more, and this can be a great time for writing, publishing, or lecturing. Just remember you have plenty of time to get this right.

Home is busting out all over. You are undertaking a major redo at your house, inside and out. Keep your plans reasonable, or later on you may feel trapped. You are going to have a more social environment at home. You’ve been sort of hidden away at home for a while, so it will be nice to have friends in. You could also do some healing with old family issues this year, especially after June. You are more open to your family than you have been in the past. You may not be able to create the family warmth you’ve sought since childhood, but at least the bitterness will pass. Live in the present and not in the past.

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February 19–March 20

With your ruler, Neptune, entering your sign for the first time in 163 years, this is a big time for you. She’ll just make a brief entry between April and August, but many of you will feel her wave-like energies throughout the year. Neptune will have the strongest impact on those of you born in the first couple of days in Pisces, or those of you with planets at these degrees.

Just so you will know, the last time Neptune was in Pisces was 1848. You may want to look at a historical timeline to see this big picture. Neptune’s impact on you will greatly increase your psychic sensitivities. You may have to really learn how to use this talent that you have. This will spark an internal desire to really express who you are at the deepest levels. Neptune will slowly move across the whole sign over the next 12 years, so if you don’t experience Neptune’s tides in 2011, eventually you will.

The first thing on your 2011 to-do list should be to rescue yourself. As long as you come first this year, on every occasion, everything will be fine. Otherwise, you will not be able to hide your true feelings as well as you have in the past.

As you begin to ponder your ideal relationship, you need to make sure that your boundaries are clearly made known to the other person. This means you’ll need to speak up, and not expect them to be as good at mind-reading as you are. Yes, you are able to know what people need before the thought becomes conscious to them. How can we live without you? Of course, this is the very thing that makes you feel trapped later on. You will want to find a partner who is as caring and supportive as you’ve always been to others. People in your life must adapt, or you won’t want them around you for long.

In your career, you will want your work to become more satisfying, and you want a more protected environment to work in. You have to keep that area as healthy as possible. You may need more space to work alone in, or more time away from busy workplaces. Money takes on a new meaning in your life, and you want to indulge yourself more in physical pleasures. This will help you to put your creative ideas into action. You will find co-workers admiring your work and your knowledge. You are being listened to and actually heard, especially after June. Make yourself heard!

Your family situation is shifting and changing. The old has passed away, and that will be especially clear in 2011. You are questioning the core values and unconscious fears that usually drive you. Just the act of questioning sets you free and opens you up to a more expansive use of your creative energies. Some of this questioning comes from your desire to be more creative in your career. It frees you of old beliefs you may have had. You may not feel particularly comfortable with where you’re living this year. During the last half of the year you’ll be feeling more like your old self—but that’s only because you’ll be resting at a way station before you continue to release your past. Return to top

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