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GLBT Political Caucus Endorsements

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The following lists are the endorsements from the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, a non-partisan organization, the Houston Area Stonewall Democrats, and the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats for the November 2 election. These organizations screen individuals running for office and help decide which candidates are most prepared and best able to serve the LGBT community. The Caucus endorsement list includes only individuals who actually screened with the Caucus. Some LGBT-friendly candidates may have chosen not to screen because they are running unopposed in the upcoming election.

U.S. Rep. District 18: Sheila Jackson Lee
Governor: Bill White
Lt. Governor: Linda Chavez-Thompson
Atty. General: Barbara Ann Radnofsky
General Land Office Comm.: Hector Uribe
Agriculture Commissioner: Hank Gilbert
Railroad Commissioner: Jeff Weems

District 127: Joe Montemayor
District 133: Kristi Thibault
District 134: Ellen Cohen
District 146: Borris Miles
District 148: Jessica Farrar


1st Court/Place 4: Michael Gomez
1st Court/Place 8: Robert Ray
14th Court /Place 2: Norma Venso
14th Court/Place 5: Wally Kronzer
14th Court/Place 9: Tim Riley
Judicial District 55: Dion Ramos
Judicial District 113: Christina Bryan
Judicial District 157: Shawn Thierry
Judicial District 180: Darrell Jordan
Judicial District 182: Brandon Dudley
Judicial District 183: Michael Gomez
Judicial District 184: Jay Burnett
Judicial District 185: Vivian King
Judicial District 189: Ursula Hall
Judicial District 190: Olan Boudreaux
Judicial District 208: Loretta J. Muldrow
Judicial District 230: Garland McInnis
Judicial District 232: Greg Glass
Judicial District 234: Tanner Garth
Judicial District 245: Janiece Horn
Judicial District 246: Sherri Cothrun
Judicial District 247: Mary Kay Green
Judicial District 248: Jim Sullivan
Judicial District 257: Sandra Peake
Judicial District 262: Tom Berg
Judicial District 269: Katie Kennedy
Judicial District 270: Bob Thomas
Judicial District 280: Kathy Vossler
Judicial District 281: Donna Roth
Judicial District 295: Paul Simon
Judicial District 308: Bruce Kessler
Judicial District 309: Bill Rice
Judicial District 310: Judy Dougherty
Judicial District 311: Deborah Wright
Judicial District 312: Robert Hinojosa
Judicial District 313: Natalie Oakes
Judicial District 314: David Longoria
Judicial District 315: Keith Branch

#1: Erica Graham
#2: Cheryl Elliott Thornton
#3: Damon Crenshaw
#4: Bruce Mosier

#1: Beverly Melontree
#2: Mary Connealy Acosta
#3: Judith Snively
#4: Alfred Leal
#6: Denise Spencer
#7: Shelia Acosta
#9: Juanita Jackson Barner
#11: Mark Diaz
#12: Cheryl Diggs
#13: Dennis Slate
#14: Lee Harper Wilson

#1: Kathleen Stone
#2: Joellen Snow
#3: Priscilla Walters
#4: Tammy Manning

District Clerk: Loren Jackson
County Clerk: Ann Harris Bennett
Tax Assessor-Collector: Diane Trautman
County Treasurer: Billy Briscoe

City of Houston Prop. 1: For
City of Houston Prop. 2: For
City of Houston Prop. 3: For

The Houston Area Stonewall Democrats (HASD) make the following endorsements in addition to those listed by the Caucus.

U.S House of Reps – 9th Dist.: Al Green
U.S. House of Reps – 29th Dist.: Gene Green
State Senator – District 15: John Whitmire

District 126: Casey McKinney
District 131: Alma Allen
District 132: Silvia Mintz
District 137: Scott Hochberg
District 138: Kendra Yarbrough Camarena
District 139: Sylvester Turner
District 140: Armando Lucio Walle
District 141: Senfronia Thompson
District 142: Harold V. DuttonJr.
District 143: Ana E. Hernandez
District 144: Rick Molina
District 145: Carol Alvarado
District 149: Hubert Vo

Chief Justice 1st Court of Appeals:
Morris Overstreet
District 263rd Criminal District:
Alvin Nunnery
County Criminal Court at Law #15:
Toni Martinez Ingverson
Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3, Place 2:
Don Coffey

In addition to the Caucus and the HASD endorsements, The Houston Stonewall Young Democrats endorsements include the following:

Harris County Civil District Court 157: Shawn Thierry
Harris County Criminal District
Court 228: Harris Wood
Harris County Criminal Court at Law No 8: Eugene Newsom
Harris County Criminal Court at Law No 15: Toni Martinez Ingverson

More info: www.thecaucus.org, www.houstonareastonewalldemocrats.com, www.houstonstonewallyd.org.

—Dalton DeHart


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