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The Kids Are All Right: Poignant and Hilarious Lesbians-with-Kids Drama

Lesbians are all right: Annette Bening (l) and Julianne Moore portray a lesbian couple in The Kids Are All Right.

In a sharp strategy of counter-blockbuster summer programming, Focus Films is releasing the much-anticipated The Kids Are All Right. The film, made for just $10 million, stars multiple Oscar-nominees Julianne Moore and Annette Bening as a lesbian couple whose two children seek out their sperm donor father, played by indie fave Mark Ruffalo.

Director Lisa Cholodenko’s films tend to be “informed” by various aspects of her life—drugged-out, damaged photographers of High Art; Laurel Canyon bisexuality. And now, this film, inspired by how Cholodenko and her partner (musician Wendy Melvoin, of Wendy & Lisa fame) felt about raising their sperm-donated child, has critics hailing it as her most personal film yet.

With its high-caliber cast, Cholodenko’s assured direction, a smart, sharp, funny script by Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg, and Focus’ keen eye and marketing savvy of independents, the film looks to break out of indie moviedom and go gleefully into mainstream hitdom to a public dying for something other than A-hole Teams and Hexed Jonahs. Thank. God.

The Kids Are All Right opens in Houston-area theaters on July 16.

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