Danny in the Sky

Newcomer Thierry Pepin plays Danny, the son of a closeted father and supermodel mother, who died of an overdose when Danny was a child. When Danny comes of age, against his father’s wishes, he too pursues modeling, but all-too-quickly falls prey to the fashion world’s dark side. He becomes vain, then ruthlessly competitive. He starts abusing drugs. Falling into depression and disillusionment, he perverts modeling into exhibitionism by becoming a stripper and lap dancer. In what becomes a completely futile search for self, he dabbles in porn. In this jaded netherworld, far from the glamorous runways where he started, Danny finds love with Karine, a photographer just as lost as he is. But this affair can only be temporary, as Danny’s final destiny still awaits him. • 2001. Directed by Denis Langlois. French with English subtitles (the DVD has an English-dubbed version). From Picture This! Entertainment ( —Troy Carrington


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